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The lightness of my skin does not take away from my blackness. My blackness does not negate my Latinx upbringing. I am an afro-latina, not A FUCKING CARAMEL FRAPPE, CAFE AU LAIT, OR ANY BEVERAGE THAT MAKES YOU COMFORTABLE WITH WHO I AM AS A PERSON.

I am a person.

Thank you.

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For the cafe asks: Caramel Frappe and Iced Cafe Mocha?

Hey there!!

{Caramel Frappe: Favourite Video Game?}
I don’t play video games that much but I do have a low key addiction to Sims 4 lmao

{Iced Cafe Mocha: Favourite thing to do on rainy days?}
Ideally I like to curl up with a mug of coffee or tea and a bowl of popcorn and watch a disney film.

(For the original Cafe Asks post just search ask on my blog! Ask me things pls!!)

  • Aoi: what even is a cafe frappe?
  • Aoi: I mean, yeh, I bought it but the lid wouldn't close and it overflows while I'm walking, and oh, it's so good.
  • but it's a little difficult to get to the eating part.
  • Aoi: we made a good pair but we're breaking up!
  • I was in such a hurry that I left the store without a lid or a straw. I'm supposed to be casually sipping this but I'm just chugging it down like I have no idea.
  • Aoi: aaah, this is too hard for me. you guys should all try it. cause I'm sure you won't be able to close the lid, like me, and end up going home spilling it all over your kneecaps...
  • Aoi: trying to buy a cafe frappe, I guess, I took it too lightly
  • I really talked a lot about this, haven't I?

An extension with the finalized logo I created for the Chateau Frappe product launch. This plastic cup would be given away at the in-store event to help customers remember the product after they’ve left. I wanted the cup to feel special, like something you’d be happy to display in your home, so I kept away from cups that had a more generic look.