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kittenmusicals  asked:

Hey! For the cafe asks - caramel frappe and iced cafe mocha

Heyy, sorry for how late I’m and thank you!

Caramel Frappe : Favorite video game?

The Sims, I just enjoy creating them and relationships. Also FIFA, because my brother has turned me into a fan of it.

Iced Cafe Mocha : Favorite thing to do on rainy days?

Sit by the window, listening to the sound of the rain and seeing it fall, while I write in my notebook with a tea cup in my hands.

pastaweasel  asked:

Caramel frappe, mint tea and herbal tea for the cafe asks!

Caramel Frappe : Favorite video game?

OH HOW COULD YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE, I HAVE SO MANY!! I’d probably have to say anything from Ratchet and Clank, it was my first ever video game I played and it has a special place in my heart

Mint Tea : How do you relax?

I don’t? I’m constantly on my toes haha

Herbal Tea : You’re at a candle shop, what scented candle do you buy?

My mum and I are really big on Rose and Lavender scented stuff so either one of those 2

alak-cool  asked:

Caramel Frappe and Iced Coffee!

Cafe Asks!

Caramel Frappe : Favorite video game? 

Like, I’m trying really hard in life and school to not be “That Destiny Girl” but also. I am That Destiny Girl. There is no escape and nothing comes even close to the hours I’ve put into that game.

Iced Coffee : Do you like reading? If so, what’s your favorite book? 

I enjoy it when I have the time, it’s been a while

youthkyle  asked:

flat white, cappuccino, mocha, jasmine tea, old english, caramel frappe, iced cafe mocha, green tea, mint tea, iced coffee, herbal tea for the cafe ask ily!!

Flat White : Coffee or Tea?


Cappuccino : What’s your middle name?

eugh i have 2 of them one is olive i hate it and i hate the other one. ill probs change it at some point

Mocha : Dream Job?

Jasmine Tea : If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

idk. id go visit friends

Old English : You’re stranded on an island, who do you bring with you?

my cat lmao

Caramel Frappe : Favorite video game?

pokemon mystery dungeon tbh

Iced Cafe Mocha : Favorite thing to do on rainy days?

the same thing i do everyday. suffer

Green Tea : How tall are you?

175ish cm

Mint Tea : How do you relax?

i don’t lol

Iced Coffee : Do you like reading? If so, what’s your favorite book?

erh not really i can’t concentrate

Herbal Tea : You’re at a candle shop, what scented candle do you buy?

something citrusy or vanilla

ily ❤❤

anonymous asked:

Caramel Frappe and Hot Chocolate for the cafe ask!! :0c

Caramel Frappe : Favorite video game?

For my all-time favorite I’d have to say?? It’s a tie between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes! Both games hold a very special place in my heart because I played them both when I was younger, and I loved the atmosphere and the exploration and they were just…. MMsuch good games Nintendo please bring back Samus I beg of you I haven’t seen her since 2007

Hot Chocolate : Are you an affectionate person?

I suppose I’m at least somewhat affectionate? Like with a S/O I’m usually pretty affectionate but I’m always afraid of coming off as super clingy and I guess the way I show my affection varies from person to person. Also with friends I’d like to show more platonic affection bc I love my friends dearly and I don’t feel like I say that enough but. yea I love my friends and also I’m hiring a girl to be my gf you get paid a loosening back massage at the end of the day as well as compliments and affirmations

Thank you sm! *sip*

a not so original AU??

the things I wanna add to high school AUs (these are mostly rusca and jose bernal and the luna squad):
•jose bernal always imitate female moaning sounds even during classes and his female classmates are annoyed by this but they laugh sometimes

•jose moans “sarahhhp” during lunch/recess when he sees someone making subo their foods

•rusca often eats during classes and he always ask for snacks from his classmates who do not eat theirs// he’s the buraot one

•rusca may be like this but meron siyang ibubuga pagdating sa academics

•rusca calls goyong as “fafa greg” and he acts like the girls who fangirl at goyong and he develops feelings for him!1!1!

•pre magaling magvolleyball si rusca

•goyong adores rusca tho he said he’d turn gay for rusca but ofc he wasn’t serious about it

•luna’s squad (except luna) uses paco’s phone for “”“selfies”“” (when they raise the phone as if they’re taking a selfie but they are actually watching porn and no paco does not watch porn, naka plan kasi yung iphone niya soooo and he suddenly grabs his phone when he sees na they’re watching porn again and he needs to clear the history on his phone bc HINDI NAGIINCOGNITO YUNG MGA GAGONG YUN)

•but he lets them use his phone if they’re just browsing on social media

•"pa-hotspot ka naman" “yoko nga”

•joven is always the first one to go to their (luna’s squad) meeting place (bc wala pang elective subject yo [lmao idk if other schools have electives bc meron samin]) and he just reads his books while waiting for them or sometimes ysabel talks to him about antonio

•antonio is often hushed by his squad bc he trashtalks and curses teachers or fellow students (especially miong and pole) even if the teacher/person is near them

•manuel and jose borrow flower crowns from their female classmates and walk around the corridors while wearing it and cue female students either saying “omg ang cute” or “mga papansin pwe”

•luna squad members often makes himas to manuels head bc of how it feels like (bolang kristal)

•joven is required to call the rest of the luna squad ‘senpai’ bc he’s the youngest duh

•but paco doesn’t let joven call him senpai he wants to be called as kuya paco nalang and jose is bummed about it and he tells paco “ang bland mo cute na nga yung senpai eh” then paco replies “cute mo mukha mo” and joven said “cute ka naman kuya paco eh” tHEN THE SHIP HAS SAILED AND THEY SAY THEIR BABY JOVEN’S NAGDADALAGA NA YIEEE paco just smiles and doesn’t mind it tho

•the whole squad always eat pancit canton after classes
•jose eats chilimansi pancit canton
•manuel eats calamansi pancit canton
•paco eats sweet and spicy pancit canton
•antonio eats the extra hot chili one
•joven eats the original flavoured one (jose is like “yo wtf man, original? pffft”)
•rusca eats 3 packs of yakisoba (spicy chicken) with an ensaymada bc he’s unique daw

•there’s a mall near their school so they’re like aww yiss except for joven he doesn’t like malls

•when they were inside the mall they saw goyong with a girl in a cafe in a legit cafe (drinking frappes) i tell you and they’re like wow rk!!!! and rusca said “kung ako magkakadate siguro tapos gusto coffee na ganyan hanggang foss coffee lang ako jusme” and antonio replied “zagu kamo” and they laugh

•aaaaand the rest of luna squad doesn’t know that rusca is turning gay for goyong

that’s all bye and I wanna turn this into a fic sana but idk how to write so yeah