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Michelstadt is a small town in the Odenwald in Hessen, Central Germany, between Darmstadt and Heidelberg, pop.: ~16,000. It was first mentioned in documents in 741. Its Altstadt (Old Town) features many timber-framed houses, there’s an old town wall, a gothic church, and a few castles around.

Not Good Enough (Barry Allen x Reader)

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April 5th, 2017 on a hot, summer day. You were sitting at a lone table in the busy, obviously popular Jitters. You had heard from a couple of people around town talking about the coffee place and it was supposedly the best cafe in Central City. Around seven months ago you were living a normal life, like all 26 year-olds should. You received a phone call one day by your sister, Caitlin Snow. When you were both younger, the people who knew you would have never guessed you were sisters. You, Y/N Snow, wanted to be a singer. On the other hand, Caitlin was a science geek. Not that you’d admit it, but you got jealous at times of your elder sister. She’s always gotten the better grades, and did well in school. You were a Straight A student, but wasn’t even close to as intelligent as Caitlin. Never the less, she was your sister, and you loved her with all your heart. You two were practically best friends. So, imagine your reaction when she asked you to move to Central City to help with the Partical Accelerator. Shocked? Total understatement. So, here you are, in a crowded cafe, waiting not so patiently for your late sister. A ring towards the front of the shop near the door releasing a fresh breeze in your direction made you look up from your phone to see who it was. It was a tall, lanky man with wind-blown hair and a coat on. He had pale skin, visible freckles and emerald green eyes. You would be lying if you said he were unattractive. He scanned the area, letting out a frustrated sigh after a moment of realization. Eyebrows furrowed, you got out of your chair and tapped his shoulder, which was quite difficult since you were 5'4 and he was basically a giant. He whipped around, in what you could say, a flash. “Iris?” The man asked, expectantly. “Well, last time I checked my name was Y/N, but are you looking for someone? Iris?” You asked smoothly. He blushed, finding sudden interest in his black converse. “O-oh. Sorry. I just thought you were someone else. Wait. Do you know Iris?” He stuttered. “Not personally. But I happen to have had a kind barista named Iris give me my coffee, she’s up at the counter.” You smiled. “Thanks. I’m Barry. Barry Allen.” He countered. “Y/N. Y/N Snow.” He reached for your hand to shake it and you gladly took it in your own. A sharp, shrivel pain sent through your arm, feeling like a thousand needles being poked into your arm that got electrocuted. “Ouch!” You and Barry cried in unison. “What the-” He started, but was interrupted by a loud, “Y/N!” You looked up at Barry, only to find him staring at you intently. You blushed and looked down while taking a deep breath. “Um, I have to g-go. My sister needs me.” You mentally cursed your stutter. You slipped out of line and weaved through the crowd and reaching your table. “Hey! You looked like you saw a ghost. What’s up?” Caitlin questioned. “Cait.. I think something really important just happened.” You rushed out. She nodded her head as a way to say ‘continue.’ “I think I just found my soulmate.” You squeaked. Caitlin’s eyes widen and her jaw dropped. “A-are you sure? Soulmates usually don’t come until, like, later!” She whisper shouted. “I know! And trust me, I don’t want this! Especially now! I just got a chance at a singing career and this isn’t the time for a relationship! But when I shook his hand, my whole arm got shocked! The arm that I have my tattoo!” You cried. Caitlin bit her lip in thought, eyes filled with worry. “Maybe you should wait. Maybe he’s not your soulmate! And if he is, than love will find a way to push you two back together. In the mean time, aren’t you excited for the Particle Accelerator tonight?!” She squealed. “Duh! I didn’t spend two months learning nerdy stuff with you and Cisco for nothing, Sis!” You laughed. She rolled her eyes playfully and checked her watch for the time. “I gotta go, I promised Ronnie I would get to Star Labs early to check over the Accelerator.” You smirked, “Or do you just wanna have the lab to yourself while you make out to celebrate.” You raised your eyebrows. She blushed, and rolled her eyes. “Oh shhh! You’ll do the same thing when you find your soulmate!” She teased and stood up, walking towards the exit. “Never in a million years!” You called after her. Hours passed and you hadn’t realised it was getting dark outside. Deciding it was time to head over to Star Labs, you pack your stuff and see if your the only one left at the Cafe. To your suprise, there is another person, and that happens to be none other than Barry freaking Allen. Debating on whether or not to say hi or just try to leave without getting noticed and avoiding an awkard conversation, you decided it would be the second option. Trying your best to walk silently across the floor with heels on is not that easy. You make it halfway next between the door and his table when you trip on the leg of a chair, falling face forward bracing for impact. You screwed your eyes shut and waited, only to be caught be something. Or rather, someone. A pair of strong arms were wrapped around your waist. “Hey, um Y/N.” A nervous laugh came from behind you. You pulled yourself up and looked at the source of nervousness. Barry Allen. A/N: I will make a part 2 to this imagine, or extended imagine! Stay in tune for more and make requests :))


Winterset, Iowa
Population: 5,190

“The year 1857 was one of great commercial depression, which brought on a panic that caused disaster throughout the United States. The distressful situation was keenly felt in Winterset and business enterprises of all kinds were brought to a standstill. Many of the pioneer business men were ruined and for some years afterwards the cry of “hard times” was universal. But by the year 1860, the village manifested concrete evidences of recuperation, notwithstanding the dread war clouds that then hovered over the Union. At the expiration of the year six religious societies were holding services in their own churches; there were fourteen lawyers ready to extend their offices to the needy; five implement firms; a bank, book store, barber, three shoe stores, five blacksmith shops, a butcher shop, nine carpenters, a dentist, four drug stores, seven dry goods establishments, twelve groceries, as many as now; three hardware stores, the St. Nicholas and Madison hotels; seven insurance firms, two furniture stores, two firms engaged in real estate deals, a livery stable, three millinery shops, two photograph galleries, ten physicians, two bakeries and restaurants; harness makers, wagon makers, chairniakers, three saloons, Morris Schroeder’s brewery, jewelers, two printing offices, billiard hall, several stone masons, plasterers, brick makers and layers, a tailor, a gunsmith, painters, a veterinary surgeon, so that there was scarcely any article of merchandise needed that the local merchants were not able to supply. The professions were abundantly represented and no one was permitted to go thirsty for lack of a place where stimulants were on tap.”

I decided that I wanted to write something original to post so I’ve been working on this since last night. I’ve just finished it now!  @tari-aldarion and @wormdelivre were so incredibly helpful as they read through it, giving me their lovely and honest opinions. That gave me the courage to actually post this up!

I don’t usually post anything like this but I really want to try and branch out of writing fan fic just a little! Just try to create characters of my own and build up a story around them. So, there will possibly be more of these in the future, it’s practice!

If you read this, I hope you enjoy it. :)

She had met her at one of those small cafes in central London. 

It sounded incredibly cliche but it was the truth and she refused to alter it. The whole experience was so pleasing, a highly favorite memory. 

Winter had hit and everywhere was absolutely freezing. One could see their breath every time they exhaled, fingers would go numb without gloves. There was no one without a jacket or a scarf and the few who went the extra mile with a hat and ear muffs. It was probably one of the coldest days in the month of November but nothing could be done. All people could do was complain about the weather and continue on their way. 

Cynthia had just finished a morning art class and needed warmth. The class room had been freezing due to the central heating not being on. It was a recurring problem and it made her bitter every single time. Mr. Russo, their art teacher, had complained about more than five times. Cynthia and her classmates had complained about more than eight times. 

But still nothing. 

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