{ Story Time}
I was roaming around a cafe attempting to snap some photos of people enjoying their coffee meet up with their friends.
I ran across a group of 4 people who were enjoying a nice conversation together. I asked them if I could take a photo of their books and coffee and when they gave me permission, I climbed up on a chair and took this photo! They were super sweet and it was great capturing a photo of friends gathering together sharing stories and laughing together. I believe everyone should spend time with their friends, either over coffee, backpacking, or whatever!!!


One of the cafes near Shida with really nice brunch menu. If you eat in you have to order drinks no matter what. I really don’t like this rule and all the nice cafes have that kind of silly rule. It took awhile for my order but the shrimp cheese toast was definitely worth it.

Light cafe
No. 4, Pucheng St, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
02 2365 5000


August 30, 2016 | 20:45 

Third week begins tomorrow and I think it’s going great so far, I just really dislike my art class lol, but oh well. I didn’t have classes because of some holiday here in Peru, that’s why tomorrow is the first day of the week for me. Now I’m finishing my lab report and then probably I’ll watch a movie or something.

The photos above are from last week, when I was taking some notes from a textbook, and omg look at that cup *-* it’s lifeeeee, I’M SO IN LOVE  WITH IT I JUST CAN’T

That’s enough excitement for today xd

~ Alexa