café noir

☽ send a shade of black. ☾
  • black bean:what's your favorite midnight snack?
  • black leather jacket:what is a fashion trend that others hate but you secretly enjoy?
  • black olive:if you could own a restaurant, what kind would it be?
  • café noir:when you hang out with your group of friends, do you contribute to conversation? are you the quiet one?
  • charcoal:if you could have something named after you as a memorial what would you choose? (building, park, school, etc.)
  • charleston green:what’s your favorite room in your home?
  • davy's gray:is it more important to you to look good or feel good? explain.
  • dim gray:who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
  • ebony:what do you admire most about your best friend?
  • eerie black:do you think you could survive in a horror movie? do you think you'd be the first to die?
  • jet:if you were going to a costume party next week, what costume would you wear?
  • licorice:given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?
  • midnight blue:under what circumstances is it impossible for you to sleep? what makes you restless?
  • onyx:are you superstitious? give an example.
  • outer space:do you believe in life on other planets? what do you think is out there in the universe?
  • phthalo green:if a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?
  • taupe:are you religious? what is your interpretation of god?

An invitation card depicting “Le Chat Blanc” (white cat). It echoes Théophile Steinlen’s 1896 poster advertising the “Chat Noir” tour. It’s part of the estate of French writer Paul Jeanne. Paul Jeanne often spent time in Rodolphe Salis’s “Le Chat Noir”, a famous cabaret located in Montmartre, the bohemian distict of Paris.

Le noir du café que j'ai bu ce matin -
Le noir du manteau que je porte toujours -
Le noir des boulevards croisés dans cette ville immense -
Le noir dans le film d'Hitchcock que j'ai vu mille fois -
Le noir de ces mots sur ce papier un peu abîmé -
Le noir du cafard qui joue avec ma rage -
Le noir de mon coeur blessé par l'amertume -
Le noir de tes cheveux abandonnés sur mes jambes -
Le noir de tes yeux qui me défient constamment -
Le noir de l'amour qui nous a consommés -
Le noir de la nuit qui nous a devorés//
—  Routine, The Cynical Idealist