» history meme : Kings of France.

Maison Capet
Hugues Capet (987 – 996)
Robert II “Le Pieux” (996-1031)
Henri Ier (1031-1060)
Philippe Ier (1060-1108)
Louis VI “Le Gros” (1108-1137)
Louis VII “Le Jeune” (1137-1180)
Philippe II Auguste (1180-1223)
Louis VIII “Le Lion” (1223-1226)
Louis IX “Saint Louis” (1226-1270)
Philippe III “Le Hardi” (1270-1285)
Philippe IV “Le Bel” (1285-1314)
Louis X “Le Hutin” (1314-1316)
Jean Ier “Le Posthume” (1316)
Philippe V “Le Long” (1316-1322)
Charles IV “Le Bel” (1322-1328)

Maison Capet-Valois
Philippe VI (1328-1350)
Jean II “Le Bon” (1350-1364)
Charles V “Le Sage” (1354-1380)
Charles VI “Le Fol” (1380-1422)
Charles VII “Le Victorieux” (1422-1461)
Louis XI “L’invincible Aragne” (1461-1483)
Charles VIII “L’Affable” (1483-1498)
Louis XII “Le Père du Peuple” (1498-1515)

Maison Capet-Valois-Angoulême
François Ier Le Magnifique (1515-1547)
Henri II (1547-1559)
François II (1559-1560)
Charles IX (1560-1574)
Henri III (1574-1589)

Maison Capet-Bourbon
Henri IV “Le Vert Galant” (1589-1610)
Louis XIII “Le Juste” (1610-1643)
Louis XIV “Le Roi Soleil” (1643-1715)
Louis XV “Le Bien-Aimé” (1715-1774)
Louis XVI “Le Père de la Nation” (1774-1792)
Louis XVIII (1814-1824)
Charles X (1824-1830)

Do You Want Me (Dead?)

request: ur writing is fxcking amazing and im cry. if requests are still open, could you think about doing a songfic for luke or calum for All Time Low’s ‘Do You Want Me (dead?)’ I would really love it. ur awesome btw, thanks for reading :)

I let it ride on a bad bet

“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.” 

Luke felt his smile falter a bit, and his hands tightened around the coffee mug. “What?”

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