caesars bay


The promenade behind the BJ’s that opened up near Caesar’s Bay is lovely, with great views and better landscaping than much of the shore at its current state. And since it is maintained by Thor, I’m hoping it will be kept up with more than public property in the area. 

Photos are from one of the first weekends the store was open - warmer days! Wonder what the view will be like in winter. 


it was learly in the morning in las vegas. the sun had set hours ago and the rush of vegas nightlife was kicked into high gear- the traffic doubled, the dresses and button-up shirts were broken out in full swing, the champagne bottles were popped, limos rulled the strip, and the clubs and casinos were jam packed with people hoping to become millionaires in a single hand of poker

you and chris enjoyed the time you both had that night- jumping from MGM Grand to New York, Paris, and then the Bellagio. you two played the slots, laughing as you had a small alcohol intake and chose to play the puppy-themed slot machine for nearly forty minutes before you had to drag him away in case he lost every cent he owned

it was after a quick cab ride that you and chris arrived back at your hotel and casino, the Stratosphere. you and chris had visisted vegas before in the past, and steered-clear of all the big-name casinos like Caesars Palace and Mandalay Bay, and chose the last major hotel on the strip that was just as good as any other

instead of retiring to the room for the night, or what remained of it as the sun was near rising in just a couple of hours, you and chris smelled food and your stomaches grumbled. so you both skipped out on sleep and whisked across the casino floor to a 50s themed diner called Roxy’s

you two ordered breakfast food, but still ordered a single milkshake as well. and then you two were like that cliche in old movies; one strawberry milshake, two straws for the both of you

as elvis presley’s blue suede shoes played in the background in the nearly empty diner, you and chris settled in a booth, sipping on the milkshake occasionally and giggling like school children when you caught the others eye with their lips wrapped around the straw

you always gagged or complained about movie cliche’s.. dipping down someone after dancing and sharing a kiss, standing on the street holding a stereo up and playing music in hopes of catching the attention of the future love of your life, the first kiss with fireworks exploding in the background, and the dreaded sharing milkshakes in a diner

but as you sat with chris, your lips wrapped around a straw and meeting his eyes as he done the same, a laugh couldn’t help but erupt from your lips. your heart pounded and you leaned back as a loud laugh escaped. maybe those cliche’s weren’t so bad after all if you were with the right person