Battle Tendency OST [Musik]

Release Date: March 29th, 2013

2. Fields of fright
3. Day job
4. Deep curse song
5. Oh please ..
6. Morning etude for Charlie
7. Take Cover
8. Rubicon
9. Pierrot Headroom
10. Small Soldier
11. Elephant Talk 1
12. Elephant Talk 2
13. I’m in control
14. Never Be Mine
15. Pain Just Like Strange Rain
16. Not Alone
17. Il mare eterno nella mia anima
18. Propaganda
19. Burning Colosseum
20. Avalon
21. Overdrive
22. Season


my JOJO PILLOWCASES arrived in the mail today!!!

with them was a special DIO branded chocolate bar. i have no idea what i’m gonna do with this because keeping candy for the wrapper is weird and keeping the wrapper after i eat the candy is also weird

the pillowcases themselves are slightly wonky-colored and oversaturated compared to the source art but overall a TOTALLY WORTHWHILE PURCHASE

also wonky-colored and oversaturated is totally in the spirit of this series

now i just need………. pillows…….. to put in these pillowcases……………..