I have a bunch of trans headcanons for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, complete with how each boy is transitioning!

Speedwagon didn’t have the resources to do any hormonal or surgical work, and works out to pass.
Caesar went through experimental treatments on both surgery and hormones for transitioning. His Hamon training also helps. He went through a botched bottom surgery, but it failed, due to inexperienced surgeons. He’s very sensitive about it.
Kakyoin binds unsafely with ace bandages, as his parents are not supportive of his identity. Do not bind with ace bandages. They will fuck up your ribs.
Josuke’s mother is very supportive of him, and bought him a binder. He hasn’t gone on hormones yet because of his age.
Narancia has gone through some shady, back-alley ways of transitioning. So far it’s pretty good, though he’s afraid to do bottom surgery at this point in time.
Annasui has been on T for awhile now and has done bottom surgery.