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Outfit swaps for Caesar and Kakyoin! 

Bonus 1:

Bonus 2:

(Caesar is apparently feelin smooth in this uniform)

Kakyoin does not take well to people using terrible pick up lines while wearing his precious uniform. (Kakyoin: 1, Caesar: 0)

#tbt Today we celebrate the birth of William Shakespeare, a genius who helped shape the English language we use today. You’ve probably quoted him more than you think! 


Summary: Everything was in the right place right now. With the pattering of the rain, the scent of dew in the air, the sight of a colorful apron in front of him, this sensation in his hand felt like something that he’s been waiting for through lifetimes.
Info: Caesar/Joseph, artist!Caesar, writer!Joseph, one shot, unedited, i wrote this in like an hour because i was slapped in the face with inspiration/motivation when i saw an old art that joy drew for me please be gentle with me
Notes:  왜 살짝 내 손을 잡고
귓속말을 건네는 걸까
Why are you softly holding my hand
And whispering to me?


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Why the Caesar Retrieval Arc was Perfect Filler

Okay, I loved this mini arc so much for so many reasons.

1: Short and sweet: it didn’t overstay its welcome, it knew what it was and was entertaining and interesting for all of its three episodes. It kept its focus tight by only involving three main characters–Luffy, Chopper, and Law–with Caesar as the MacGuffin and Breed as the bad guy. Add in a nice call back with the kung fu dugong and we’re gold.

2: It didn’t pretend to affect the main plot, but added to it. I hate filler arcs that act like they’re going to solve or contribute to the main plot when we know they can’t affect it in any way because the main plot has already happened in the manga and can’t be much changed. This was the perfect way around that–it’s just a little blip that happened one night while they were holding Caesar Clown hostage. It’s self contained but still fits the narrative.

3: Breed was a perfect filler villain. He has a power that can give him a quick advantage but has a logical weakness the heroes can discover and take advantage of easily for a beat down. He’s an antithesis to the idea of friendship and trust that are a major thee of the series overall. And he’s such an asshole that you are just waiting for the beatdown.

4: It mostly stayed logically sound. There was only one really dumb move in the whole thing, Luffy preventing Law from disabling a controlled Chopper, out of fear he’d hurt Chopper when Law’s powers pretty much mean he’s the best person to do with without hurting Chopper, but it was literally a moment of weakness with that moment being all Breed needed. On the other hand, we had a lot of people making smart moves, like Law figuring out Breed’s powers really fast.

5: The fan service was great. We got Chopper in a cute outfit, Caesar the jerk getting hit with the Butt Monkey stick big time, Law and Luffy being badasses, and all the Lawlu shippers got a ton of subtext to work with. And the gifs. Oh the gifs.

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Great job, anime writers!