Tanth, Caell, and Ammon. Tanth is a very advanced Android whose creator was murdered, and Caell and Ammon are two friends who find wandering the streets nearly out of power, so they take her in and craziness ensues.

more details on these guys can be found on the weebly I made for my OCs (here). Be warned, though, my brain is a disaster and the site isn’t much better.

Profiles // Caell

Age: 17
Height: 174
Weight: 65
Class: Year 2-B
Club: Going home/library

[Basic Profile]

A book lover, he reads various kinds of books, even books with totally useless facts/information. Overall, he’s a good student although he falls asleep in class from time to time given that he usually stays up late, doing god knows what. Physically-wise, he’s good at running away a pretty quick runner but has neither stamina nor the endurance to do much.

Doesn’t have a club, he will most probably be found in the library after school if he hasn’t gone home. Seems to have set up a cosy little corner that no one knows about.

Self-taught himself a few music instruments just to play a few songs he likes. Knows nothing beyond those songs. As for home econs, he just barely knows enough skills to survive on his own…


Close friends with Kuasa since childhood and hangs out with him most of the time. He’s generally nice and polite to all his classmates, helping out with studies and favours when he’s able. He’s easy to talk to though sometimes he gets lost in his own thoughts and loses track of the conversation.

[Character Notes]

-Lives with his dad, his mom lives apart (they are in the process of a divorce). His dad’s work requires him to travel a lot, leaving Caell mostly alone at home.

-Likes to observe and analyze people’s behaviour. He’s also a bit playful and likes to tease, though the bulk of it seems to be aimed at Kuasa.

-Takes a light-hearted approach to most matters and is easily amused.

-Has a blackhole mode Eats a surprising amount of food for his size, has endless secret supply of snacks stashed somewhere.


*Will add more as we go along~

Bad end.

RO1 Caell. Not to be mistaken with AUs’ Caell, they have become completely different persons by now.

Because some people have asked what’s up with his story… Contemplated drawing more to explain RO1’s story line but oh god I’m too lazy to and I’m bad at writing it out (and also still lazy). Basically the other guy is Gunter, he’s not himself any more and they have a history together. (I’m horrible I know www)

This ending will probably be ditched, because I think I shouldn’t make it too tragic… It was planned years ago so it’s all angst and stuff hahaha.