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hello people!!

my name’s minnie, I’m turning 17 this summer (but I feel 60+ at heart!!) and I live in europe.

I really enjoy learning, especially biology and literature. I can literally spend hours searching for those amazing facts about the human body.

I absolutely love animals, they’re the cutest beings on the earth. my love for them is one of the reasons I went vegan but I’m definitely not here to judge you for your dietary choices. oh and I also love cooking and baking. I always pretend that I have my own cooking show when I’m in the kitchen.

In general I feel like an old grandma living in a tiny house with a beautiful garden who likes to sit on the porch everyday sipping green tea and who’s really into herbs and alternative medicine. but at the same I’m often so childish that I keep wondering if perhaps I stopped my mental development at the age of 5.

my biggest dream is to travel the world with friends. I’m definitely taking a gap year after high school for visiting those amazing countries. I’d love to visit australia and new zealand, india and the whole south america.

my music taste is literally one big mess, I can go from listening to old jazz and david bowie to the weeknd.

I’m looking for open-minded and nice people. your age, nationality, gender, sexuality etc. don’t matter. we can chat here or send emails but I’m okay with writing letters to each other as well (maybe skype or facetime in the future, who knows) as long as you’re comfortable with it. I’m so down for a friendship where we can tell each other secrets and have a deep conversation like we’ve known each other for years.

kik: caelesty
email: caelesty6
tumblr: @caelesty



1. pertaining to the sky or visible heaven, or to the universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere, as in celestial body.

2. pertaining to the spiritual or invisible heaven; heavenly; divine.

3. of or pertaining to celestial navigation.

4. (initial capital letter) of or pertaining to the former Chinese Empire or the Chinese people.


5. an inhabitant of heaven.

6. (initial capital letter) a citizen of the Celestial Empire.

Etymology: from Mediaeval Latin cēlestiālis, from Latin caelestis, from caelum, “heaven”.

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