Yes, Evan and I are absolutely planning on putting together an The Exquisite Beast book!  We will make certain to keep you guys posted with news as it happens.

Also I would like to welcome everyone who followed and favorited The Exquisite Beast today!  We’re super excited to have been on the tumblr radar even though the Beast is in retirement for the time being.

Stay tuned, guys!  Exciting things are coming soon!

caelean asked:

Annoying Dog, please! And it can be top 3 if you cannot choose.

That is RRRRRREALLY TOUGH, YEAH. I think I’ll go with top 3:

1) Battle Against A True Hero. I’m never gonna play a No Mercy run, but I still love this song a lot.

2) Death By Glamour. I love most all the boss battle songs, but this is just a really fun, bouncy, outrageous boss theme.

3) Hopes and Dreams. I am a huge sucker for uplifting, spirited, YEAH YOU CAN DO IT boss themes. 

caelean asked:

Wait, so did Quazky and Longus really HAVE the same father? And they coincidentally found each other after they were born from the community hatchery?

There eggs were next to each other if that helps explain it at all.  Maybe they smelled similar to each other so they just stuck together…?

caelean asked:

Have you noticed, that during the (unbearable) fight between Tony and Bruce in the new trailer, people are just standing there? Possibly even goading the situation? This is so heartbreaking not knowing what's happening.

There’s a part in the trailer right before Hulk punches Tony in which Tony holds up his hand like he’s charging his thruster, but he isn’t focused on Hulk. It makes me wonder if Tony is trying to get people to clear the area.

It also makes me wonder if Bruce transformed in the middle of that busy area, which is probably one of his worst nightmares.

That whole trailer is heartbreaking, I swear.

caelean answered your question “I have a question if people are willing to help! I’m writing…”

Bruce has been knocked unconscious in the comics before, but it’s up to you. It’s a variable subject when Hulk isn’t already out. Hulking out while under, you could probably trigger emotions while he’s unconscious, but Hulk cannot come out on his own

Thank you! I think I might be able to work with that…Like you said, I’ll have to figure a way to basically cause feeling while he’s under…which if he’s sedated most certainly can be done. Not sure about knocked out but I think this will work! thank you very much!