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The part I really loved, was chasing him.


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Could write my prompt? Cassi wants to cut his grandfather's hair. Characters: Cassie, Cae, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco and Hermione.

Cassi was humming to herself as she cut her doll’s hair. Her mother didn’t like when she did that – as she was almost inevitably displeased with the result and would demand a new doll – but because new dolls kept appearing in her room, she kept doing it. Her grandmother would praise her creativity and ask her if she wanted to cut hair when she was a grown-up.

It just felt so satisfying to cut a chunk of hair. Cassi imagined that distinct pleasure wouldn’t fade even when she was as old as twenty.

From his armchair, Lucius cleared a tickle in his throat, turning to the next page of the Prophet and completely unaware that he’d just earned his granddaughter’s attention. Seconds passed as the four-year old took in the glorious yellow mane cascading over the man’s shoulders, her little blunt-ended scissors opening and closing slowly as the need to cut formed inside of her mind.

She stood, moving almost in slow motion as she approached his chair. Lucius was frowning at the business section, and didn’t take any notice of her until she was at his elbow, the scissors going shhk shhk.

Blinking, he let the newspaper drop a bit. “Sweetheart,” he greeted, cordially, a faint edge of question in his tone.

Shhk shhk went the scissors. “Lean down,” she demanded, tugging on his sleeve.

His eyes flicked from her pouty little face to the scissors, his face going pale as he reared back from her. “Absolutely not,” he huffed. She started to clamber onto the chair’s arm and he jumped to his feet to evade the predatory snipping of those damnable scissors. “Cassi, put those away before you put an eye out.”

“Lean down!” she screamed, both of her hands fisting up in fury.

Cassiopeia, I said no,“ he said, tersely, yanking the scissors out of her hand before she went into full tantrum mode. The last thing he needed was for her to cut off her own ear while he was supposed to be watching her. Putting the scissors safely on the fireplace mantel, he sighed when she began to screech, her face twisting up and reddening. He couldn’t remember Draco being this much of a handful.

In the far corner of the drawing room, Cae was staring at the two of them, his drawing temporarily forgotten as he watched his sister shriek with open fascination. She never got away with this sort of behavior when his Mum was about.

His eyebrows lifted incredulously when Lucius pointed a finger at her.

“You will stop,” he ordered, and seemed momentarily flustered when she didn’t. “Cassi.” The screaming persisted, and Lucius glanced at his grandson, looking fleetingly embarrassed that he couldn’t control her. “If this persists, you will not get any biscuits for tea.”

The shrieking intensified to such a point that he took a step back, his mouth falling open a bit as the four-year old began to damn-near hyperventilate. He was on the verge of offering her a bucket of lollies just to shut her up and calm her down when his daughter-in-law entered the room.

“Just what is that racket?” Hermione huffed. Lips pursing, she added, “Cassi, that’s quite enough.”

And, like a miracle, the shrieking stopped. It came to such a sudden stop that for a moment, Lucius worried that he’d actually gone deaf. The lack of her screeching left a faint ringing note in the air.

The child was sucking in breath after breath, her face still red and tear-streaked. She didn’t look remotely contrite, but stared at her mother with an expression approaching trepidation.

“Why are you raising your voice?” Hermione asked. She sounded calm, but there was a steel to her tone that Lucius made a point to memorize the next time his grandchild lost her mind over something. 

Cassi pointed at him. “He,” she muttered.

“She wanted to cut my hair,” Lucius supplied, stiffly.

Hermione put her hands on her hips. “Are we going to be losing scissor privileges this month?” Cassi began to sob again, and she just waited, hardened as a stone statue. When her daughter had calmed down, she repeated, “Are we going to be losing scissor privileges, Cassi?”

“No,” Cassi wailed.

“What do we cut in this house?”

The girl’s chin was wobbling dangerously. “Paper.”

“That’s right. Paper. Definitely not your Grandpa’s hair, which is the pride of the Manor, I presume.” Lucius cut her a glare, and he saw her lips twitch a bit behind the stern facade. “Remind me to tell you the story of Samson for bedtime tonight, Delilah. Are you going to be good for your grandpa?”

Cassi nodded in pure misery. Hermione smiled at her son and swept out of the room.

Lucius heaved a sigh, gently lifting the sniffling ball of golden curls out of his chair. She pressed her face into his shoulder, absolutely gutted at being chastised.

From across the room, Cae remarked, “I bet Mum would teach you how to do that.”

“Return to your drawing,” Lucius grumbled, and the boy laughed.


so i failed to mention that this partic uni is done in the style of those overly-decadent pretty young adult fantasy novels,,,,,,,,,,, yeah. that too !!! THAT !!! TOO !!! 

not my chara !! but this is star anise which is nie’s chara ! she’s a spunky tomboy whose family owns the gondola system within their floating sky city. when star was little, her younger brother went missing. upon moving from earth to this new city, he is recovered by a kindly gentleman… though star eventually realizes that they are frauds ! she accidentally kills the gentleman after he attacks her for *~knowing too much*~

now she’s out and about, hoping to distract herself from thinking about what she’s done and the situation at home…



personality: dum cat prince

this is catnip! i didn’t mention it last post but he hails from the same uni as licorice*~ where one’s breath can evoke magical effects COINCIDENTALLY THEMED/SCENTED after one’s name. licorice has the ability to clear up noses! catnip has the ability to Summon Cats and also numb his own body from feeling pain heh

catnip is an orphan from a Less Than Fortunate part of the city. as a kid he is taken in by a kindly priest, becoming the first of many the holy father takes in. catnip is kind of a big tsun!!! out of a fit of childish rebellion, he tries to run away from home at the age of eight… and winds up in a Dark Alley with a pack of rabid dogs. there, he accidentally activates his powers before he Passes Out and is Eventually Saved by his “family.” he’s pretty tough and an abrasive bully of a boy, but he has a kokoro and a certain appreciation/gladness for his luck in an otherwise luckless world.