cady haren

Trust No Bitch.

Mean girls will always be the best representation of life as a teenage girl. Granted it is exaggerated for cinematic purposes, but it still uses themes that are relatable and cathartic. It is one of those films that you just know will still be a classic in 10 years time. Each character was perfectly casted and even the nastiest of them were likeable, if simply because you could revel in the ways their bitchyness played out, and you were safe in the knowledge that for once, it wasn’t you who was the victim of the Queen Bitch, but some “home-schooled jungle freak” who really didn’t stand a chance. Even 8 years on, the groups and cliques are still identifiable, and the labels attached to the people in them are still relevant. It also taught teenagers one very important lesson; Trust No Bitch.