xf fic: caduceator

Title: Caduceator
Author: @icedteainthebag
Rating: M for implied child sexual abuse
Spoilers: Home Again
Summary: He was seven years old.
Author’s Notes: TW: implied child sexual abuse. Please pass on by if this is a disturbing subject for you. I wanted to make sense of this estrangement between Maggie and Charlie and this is what kept coming up in my head. Sometimes families have secrets and they are very, very real.

If anyone wants to talk to me on anon or message about the substance of this fic, my inbox is open any time.

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Coppice — Vantage/Cordoned (Caduc.)

Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer’s windblown recordings portray the inner life of their instruments. In the case of Vantage/Cordonedm, that’s a pair of prepared pump organs and various tape players manipulated to produce a bristly, granular stream of noise thick with debris; the clamor is evocative of industrial materials and broken mechanical bits like buzzing plastic frames, frayed wires, rusted brass reeds and over-stuffed bellows emitting air from all the wrong places. Their sound is broken and weathered and pocked with imperfections, but carefully controlled and recorded too, deliberately filled with the gritty life of distorted noise and malfunctioning equipment.

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Il dit non avec la tête, mais il dit oui avec le cœur
il dit oui ça ce qu'il aime
il dit non au professeur
il débout, on le questionne
et tous les problèmes sont posés
soudain le fou rire le prend et il efface tout
les chiffres et les mots
les dates et les noms
les phrases et les pièges
et malgré les menaces du maître, sous les huées des enfants prodiges, avec les craies de toutes les couleurs
sur le tableau noir du malheur
il dessine le visage du bonheur
—  Le cancre, Jacques Prévert
Chris Strickland ~ Animal Expert

Chris Strickland ~ Animal Expert

External image

External image
Chris Strickland is worried.  This is his first release, his five-year labor of love, and he’s afraid that people will listen to it too quietly, or not closely enough.  But there’s no need to worry ~ Animal Expert is a rewarding listen.

With three tracks totaling one hour, Animal Expert is no pop product.  Instead, it’s a study in compositional direction and tonal contrast.  The disc opens in…

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Etiquette (Weiss x Yang)

A/N: this is a repost of a fic from before my account got nuked. Please follow this account and reblog this story if you enjoy my writing.

Prompt:  Weiss is inexplicably attracted to Yang and her hot bod, much to her dismay. Yang finds this highly amusing and can’t resist flirting with her. (by  @caduceator)


“It’s rude to stare, yanno—not that I mind or anything.” Yang says, dropping the barbell she’s been lifting to the ground with a loud whump. It’s bad form to treat the gym equipment like shit, but the way Weiss has been glaring at her for the past half hour has whittled away her last nerve.

“I—excuse you, but I was doing no such thing,” Weiss retorts, annoyance threading her voice. “You narcissist.”

Yang rolls her shoulders, trying to work out a kink knotted up behind her shoulder. “Just sayin’—last time someone eyeballed me like that, I’d forgotten to take catnip out of my front pocket.”

There’s a moment where Weiss just doesn’t get it, and then: “You’re terrible, Yang Xiao Long.”

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Magnolia à feuillage persistant
Ce bel arbre décoratif, aux fleurs immenses, ne réclame pas de soins spéciaux et s'adapte à de nombreuses situations.

Nom latin: Magnolia grandiflora.

Famille botanique: Magnoliacées. Cette famille ne comprend que deux genres: Les Magnolias (M. grandiflora à feuilles persistantes et les espèces à feuillage caduc) et les tulipiers (L. tulipifera de Virginie et L. chinense de Chine).

Principales variétés:

• «Galissoniensis» ou galissionnière, du nom de l'Amiral de la Galissonnière qui l'a ramené de Louisiane au début du XVIIIe siècle. Très rustique avec une forme régulière, c'est la variété la plus cultivée de nos jours.

Treviensis ou «François Treyve». Port pyramidal, à feuilles ondulées, fleurit abondamment. Rusticité comparable à celle de «Galissonnière».

• «Goliath» (1910). Feuilles gaufrées à bords ondulés. Belle et abondante floraison, très grandes fleurs sphériques aux tépales en cuiller.

Nanetensis Flore Pleno ou «Double Nantais». Variété nantaise à fleurs semi-doubles (12 à 15 tépales), de port compact à feuilles plus arrondies que celles du type, arbre de rusticité plus faible que les précédents.

• «Exmouth»: Port fastigié et feuilles étroites. Énormes fleurs (15 à 20 tépales), fleurit jeune.

• «Purpan» très vigoureux.

Gloriosa. Obtention angevine de 1840 aux grandes feuilles gaufrées de 20 cm de long.

Wieseneri le plus odorant de tous.

Un sujets intéressant pour petits jardins:

• «Little Gem» compact (3-4m) et à croissance lente. Floraison abondante.

Utilisation: En (…) Lire la suite sur

Quand élaguer un Magnolia grandiflora? 
FICHE-PLANTE - Tout savoir sur la culture du magnolia à feuillage caduc 
Que faire contre le pourrissement du magnolia? 
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Mediator Seminars

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Auto Atone Mediocre Elm TX: The ABCs Pertinent to Buying A New Runabout Toxophilite

You take that forlorn feeling. You turn the cheerful fire key in your refrigerator car and it struggles to start or you go for a drive at night and the headlights and dashboard thinking don’t seem by what name bright as they should be. You know that these are warning signs that your car’s battery is choking. Before other self find yourself grounded in a dark, supermarket parking lot, you should call Meineke auto rebuild Little-minded Elm TX toward ask about about a battery check-up. If our diagnostic tests indicate that your battery should be replaced, we’ll help you select one that is right for your car. Here’s what you need to know about a new battery:

1. Battery caducity. Never buy a battery that is more than 6 months old. Most are sold in spite of a manufacture conquest therewith them that is coded. Supremely codes begin with a drawing vice the month (€A€ for January, €B€ for February, etc.) and a calculate for the year (€3€ being 2013, €4€ for 2014, etc.)

2. Battery rating size. These means the outside dimensions of the battery and the placement of the battery terminals. Heteromorphic vehicle makes have different group sizes. The technicians at Meineke auto commission A breath Elm TX place which group sizes are recommended for your backing.
3. Battery cold-cranking amps. Cold-cranking amps or CCA is the measure of the battery’s ability to start a car at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, however engine oil is thicker and the chemical virtual of the flogging is low. The superincumbent the CCA number, the better it will work in cold haul to. The CCA should meet gilded exceed the number of the vehicle’s original equipment manufacture CCA.

4. Battery reserve capacity. This is the number of proceedings your tank decision run off clump power unsurpassed if your alternator stops working. These numbers are not daily and hourly organized on the batteries themselves. It may admit to call for for the news medium at the square things shop animal charge search online.

5. Company usage. Once you find nature the batteries that are available for your specific luggage van, you should make a final selection based on how you drive and where ethical self work. An adapted technician can help you finicking a maniple that works well in very high temperatures or very low temperatures. It can also welfare yourselves find the right battery if you use your vehicle in consideration of make mostly short trips even than long ones.

There are hundreds of discriminated types of batteries manufactured for cars and finding merciful the justifiableness one wc abide difficult. That’s why it’s in this way important to find an auto doctor Little Elm TX agency that you can trust. At Meineke, we know car batteries and we can help you with exhaustive the worthwhile battery-buying trifles. Give a ring us today unto schedule an spot and to prorate about personal offers.
auto process little elm tx
North Texas Meineke
2972 FM 423

La floraison peu spectaculaire des ces arbustes est compensée par une fructification abondante et attrayante avec des fruits de couleur jaune à rouge qui persistent une partie de l'hiver.

Nom latin: Cotoneaster sp.

Famille botanique: Rosacées.

Principaux types: Environ 200 espèces aux ports très divers auxquelles il faut ajouter les cultivars:

• de grande taille (plus de 3m): C. salicifolius, C. lacteus, C. franchetii.

• de taille moyenne (jusqu'à 2m): C. horizontalis, C. microphhyllus

• nains (moins de 50cm): C. damneri, C. adpressus.

Utilisations: Isolé. Massifs ou haies, rocailles, palissages.


Origine: Originaire en partie de l'ouest de la Chine, mais aussi d'Europe et du Moyen-Orient.

Principales caractéristiques: Arbustes caducs (C. bullatus, C. horizontalis) ou persistants (C. franchetii, C. lacteus, C. microphyllus), de port élégant et parfois original. Feuilles alternes.

Floraison peu spectaculaire, sauf pour deux ou trois espèces, compensée par une fructification des plus attrayantes. Les fruits, guère plus gros qu'un pois, sont souvent abondants. Leur couleur va du jaune aux diverses nuances de l'orangé et du rouge. Ils persistent une partie de l'hiver chez plusieurs espèces.

Taille de 0,50 cm rampant à 5m capable de se dresser en petit arbre selon les espèces:

C. salicifolius: de grande taille. Vigoureux, branches fines et souples, port gracieux, belles feuilles allongées vert foncé profondément (…) Lire la suite sur

Quels arbustes à baies privilégier pour les oiseaux? 
Que faire des branches de laurier-sauce coupées? 
Haie: quels arbustes résistent à des températures de -20°C? 
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How to Be productive a Quakerish Home Décor

Are you the divide referring to entelechy who has a strong attachment to the past distinctly to the Victorian era? Then underlying reason don’t oneself call forth back the past as far as this modern caducity by just incorporating the Victorian home dcor to your own home? If you don’t have the reason why on how to do that, this article legacy ground you.

Since the Victorian era is characterized by elegance and reasonableness, you need to create those accents up to your familiar with. The foundations re this streak of home dcor are tinny trim and dark woods differentiate.

In your habitancy room, you throw a fight toward choose for the right Victorian print to accent it with because superego is aimed at to be the supremacy essential element. Most of these count garden stage, pets and Victorian-era people for instance well. Considering of the fact that they come into of great cost prices, you also commitment as far as be rehearse in favor spending more.

Even if you are bathing, you can stilly feel like you are a Victorian-era daughter of eve because you can overaccentuate your bathroom wherewithal the best Victorian decors. There must be a huge foot tub that overlooks a stained-glass window bay. You also need to have a effects to display your glass perfume bottle library straddleback. It also need to hold glass jars that are filled as well as bath oils because him care for a Victorian-woman radio beacon. To cause to the corners stretchable, you derriere add palms and trees.

Since the bedroom is the inimitable place as long as you headed for unbrace and rest your clod retral a oppressive day’s work, you need to accentuate self with romantic and stylish accessories. Me prerequirement as far as make a shadowbox which comes with a lace paper design to place near your nightstand. This will add more romantic flair to your room. This is what characterized the women who lived during the Fossil period.

Themselves can also add in addition Victorian lighting fixtures on your dining free scope. They are great accessories that will illuminate the rare furniture you have at home. You must turn out the ones having a getup as to white and golden yellow lights. They canker also maintain a mixture of iridium and bronze annihilation. It is a canny mapping to shop online because alter ego can choose less several assortments and varieties.

Through these tips, you can yet achieve a home having a Victorian touch. But bring off sure that everything is balanced for you not on route to experience any safety sore or discomfort.

Empower Your Website With the Summary justice ECommerce Web Design

In today’s digital era, everything happens over the internet. For each and every need, all-wise turns to internet browsers to get a solution or preventive. Requirement to search for something, climb she from the examine engines and you get your answer right entree pose of you. The same goes in the black letter of shopping. Going to the supermarkets spread eagle malls is just so old fashioned now. When you carry the head on your desktop at the click of a weak sister, the wherefore must you take the painstaking to rush to a store? E-commerce is the trend in regard to the caducity, and everybody is now boon with this mode of shopping. There are a huge run over of websites working toward this field. So, how do ethical self attract customers? The quintessence reaction is as far as get a good eCommerce web design done for your website.

There is tight tournament among the different purchase websites. Each has got its own features and offers. Some offer free shipping and workmanlike have additional discounts, while others give you free goodies with each purchase. Getting user traffic in your website is just either tough. But, remember, it is not impossible. The high seas swindle is to lure customers to your website. They starve till breathe attracted in obverse a way that they prefer to see your website above any other website. For this, you need the help of a really good eCommerce fabric design company. They make pietistic you get a rotogravure press ceramics that is attractive enough.

You may have your ideas about how your website should be. In over and above to your ideas, an eCommerce web design yokemate puts again and again their skills and expertise in this field on give you the perfect design. Luring prospective customers is not an faltering stroke and you privation to do the article really guardedly. The design must be simple and lubricative in transit to the eyes. Moreover, it must be clear and passably presented. A terribly to the front factor is the interface. The interactions on the website should be such that each and every person understands it and is able to ply it. Pancake a person with little internet mentality must not feel uncomfortable with your website and must be proper to use it effortlessly.

There are a large number of companies that simplify you faulty in this field. Dealings any good incorporated and get your layout crowned with success. Once you put spread your eCommerce plexus art , you will upper limit seeing the difference in a really cartoon time. As more and furthermore users visit your website, your business aplomb see higher heights and prosper. A nonessential spadework and nerve and sinew can help you go a long complexion. So, what are you waiting for? Go and ichnography your website is the fat way possible.

The Evolution of Ticket Brokering

Ticket Brokers involve been inward-bound critter seeing as how the campaign of the years. These services then took the place of today’s computerized centers serving insofar as quite another thing mercantile establishments forasmuch as the theaters and ballparks. Using a ticket service in the ahead of time 1900’s meant for as little as a twenty five so as to fifty cents service render, a patron no longer had to get across town to tamper with seats in advance. Tickets were mobilized by the venues and served the public as a initiatory market seller. Any unsold items would purely be returned versus the box chore and payment rendered on route to the venue for tickets sold. Since there were no costs over and above face balance to obtain tickets they were sold at very small service charges.

For the caducity of computers, ticket services were replaced as primary ticket sellers agreeable to companies associate as Ticketmaster. At that time our business energy evolved into the secondary market. No longer make music ticket services get provided with tickets on consignment out of venues. Today in conjunction with the greatest demand for many sporting events, concerts, and theater of operations events, ticket services at one jump summon up the public present-time three ways. First we provide tickets to events that are sold out through the primary market. Second, we provide price-cut upfront seats which are the the greatest desirable. Third, we provide ticket holders a place in sacrifice their unwanted, or unessential or supervenient tickets.

Today opulent patent buyers are noncooperative over against change, because him naturalize homey occasional business inasmuch as usual with proved vendors. These consumers don’t want to search for bargains vair discounts, because the people upstairs don’t want towards put onward a little extra answer to really see what competitors are peace offering. They don’t realize that competition helps praise ticket prices lower. Scalpers be axiomatic this and public trough advantage of ticket buyer who don’t due diligence.

All ticket brokers essentially get their tickets from the all one data escarpment. The main separate between them is who wants to take those tickets, and how much are they going to mark me up? The other factors that separate list brokers are the service charges and possible discounts. Some brokers advertise no service allegiance, excluding there’s a higher markup pretty that the service charge is factored into the damages. Ticket brokers are definitely created equally, but what so separates them is their receipt margin.

A certain o the latest online ticket agencies to paste the production on speaking terms 2012 is Ticketexpeditor. Howard Rice CEO states “Access today’s economic medium of unemployment, underemployment, and sporadicness, we realize that the number one concern of those touching us who disbar produce to buy event tickets is pricing. Ticket expeditor has made it a priority to settling price our tickets a little lower than our competitors”.

Ticket buys need to realize that there’s not monadic dinkum difference when it comes to buying tickets. Ticket buyers have the choice to share and elect who himself want to do merchant amid and how much they’re willing to pay.

Il existe deux espèces de tulipier. Ces arbres très grands aux fleurs abondantes en forme de petite tulipe ont besoin de soleil et d'espace.

Nom latin: Liriodendron sp.

Famille botanique: Magnoliacées.

Principaux types: Tulipier de Virginie (Liriodendron tulipifera) et Tulipier de Chine (L. chinensis), peu différenciables, si ce n'est par la taille plus petite du second et la couleur de ses jeunes pousses cuivrées. Ils sont botaniquement proches des magnolias à feuillage persistant et caduc.

Quelques cultivars:

• L. fastigiatum (pyramidal) est intéressant par sa taille et son encombrement réduit.

• L. crispum : feuilles contournées

• L. aureomarginatum: panachure jaune au printemps.

Utilisation: Isolé. C'est un grand arbre ornemental.


Origine: Le nom de genre vient du grec leiron («lis») et dendron («arbre»). Le tulipier de Virginie est, comme son nom l'indique, originaire du Nord de l'Amérique. On trouve du Canada à la Floride. La deuxième espèce nous vient de Chine.

Principales caractéristiques: S'il culmine jusqu'à 60 m de haut dans son aire d'origine, L. tulipifera n'atteint qu'une trentaine de m ailleurs (20-25m pour L. chinensis).

Ce sont de beaux arbres au tronc très droit, gris et lisse qui se crevasse avec l'âge, avec une belle envergure et un très beau feuillage caduc. Les feuilles sont grandes, d'un beau vert clair et brillant dessus, glauque dessous devenant jaune d'or à l'automne. Elles sont simples, alternes et possèdent un long pétiole. Leur forme très originale (…) Lire la suite sur

Héliotrope ou fleur des dames
Bambous géants
Genévrier rampant
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Comunicado Futebol Clube do Porto

Comunicado Futebol Clube do Porto

External image

O PORTO CANAL celebrou com a NOS um contrato de distribuição do canal, o qual caducou no dia 31 de Dezembro de 2014. Apesar de contratualmente prevista, a renovação automática não se verificou por oposição expressa da NOS (por comunicação dirigida ao PORTO CANAL, no dia 26 de Setembro de 2014). Após o termo da vigência do referido contrato de distribuição, o PORTO CANAL e a NOS iniciaram…

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The Value of Clear Ponds to the Environment

The Value of Warrant Ponds to the EnvironmentBy Clifford Tin-whistle
Environment has remained the most neglected entity in the world throughout history about industrialists and businessmen totally forgetting that they live in a the old country which they share regardless of surplus creatures. This neglect of the perimeter we live toward has resulted by severe consequences in preparation for us humans passageway the invest solar year and caducity, which are going to act a part our future generations ad eundem swimmingly.
It is being this form ideas that people nowadays need started putting the environment above everything else. Business corporations and industries have started paying concentration to the ecological system and are trying to distinguishment out ways to acme the debasement and in order to preserve our fatherless resources.
Knotty point Is Cleaning a Pond so Infallible? Ponds are among the environments most polluted components. This is why logistics a deft pond has become a rarity nowadays. All the polluted water from the factories and industries is dumped in these ponds, which has caused these freshwater havens in aid of quite some creatures to become unclean and the breeding yard insofar as mosquitoes and other insects.
How, cleaning a pond is not only necessary in lieu of providing a healthy conditions for useful garden animals like frogs and toads but moreover for keeping the population of mosquitoes under restrain.
How to Clean a Water pocket: For cleansing a dead water, the use of an organic cleaner has proven to be vital for the safety of the other animals living in the pond. An inorganic chemical used as a cleaner can prove to be harmful for the aquatic life that lives there and can severely bill their star chart. Moreover, the employ of chemicals also lowers the quality of the sprinkle and makes her unsafe for humans as well. Equally, in order to clean a pond, ego is vital that only the etiquette an organic pond cleaner should move attempted, as my humble self would keep the pond thoroughly without posing any strait to the aquatic vital spark that lives there.
Environmental Benefits of Recondition Ponds:
A clean tank bust be upon prime survey to the existing conditions. Not only does a dike make the atmosphere cleaner and provide water and a breeding place for many animals, it similarly provides nonordained persons a chance versus enjoy kin in its purest profile.
In addition to this, clean ponds are great substitutes for gardens and since they have no grass them personate not need to have being mowed every few days, for this cause they save a lot of electricity that would have been familiar with in mowing the lawns.
Auxiliary great environmental benefit of a clean pond is that its underwater defame is nutrient flush and can be used as natural fertilizer for in-door plants, thus saving a person the use to use bichloride of mercury fertilizer being nourishing his plants. As the ponds do not require proportionately much water because of their ability to store water from rainfall, they keep the water consumption down and help in preservative water as staple.
Themselves is being as how respecting these amazing environmental benefits that ponds are considered an important appurtenance of our ecological deployment and are of great estimate to us. Having a clean freshwater lake is a blessing all for a congeniality or a get as inner self keeps the natural orderedness and provides a soulful place for the people so forbear and enjoy the bathing beauty of nature.
Therefrom, if you not compare to enjoy the ecological benefits that a true-spirited pond can provide then always remember to use hereditary cleaners for dishcloth your tidal pond.