A couple of things

Hey all!

1. The California Dream Act needs your attention! Please give Governor Brown a call and let him know you support the Dream Act! The California Dream Act does not provide a path to citizenship - just access to education via funding. Here’s the information:

“If you’d like to write to Jerry Brown and ask him to keep his word and sign AB 131, please go here, and use the email form in the link provided for faster action: click to email him ~ or send him a written letter to:

Governor Jerry Brown

c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173

Sacramento, CA 95814 ”

I took that from the California Dream Act - great people to follow!

2.  Welcome to all the new people who follow this blog!

3. Some of you have asked why we don’t allow Anonymous submissions - the answer is because people were abusing that to send us ignorant hate mail. We took away the anonymity and the hate mail stopped. It’s probably going to stay that way.

4. If you’d like to submit a Problem, go ahead and click this link:

Thanks for your time and have a safe week! Three new problems coming your way tomorrow.