Pandora sat in the back booth with a menu in her hand. But she wasn’t even pretending to read it anymore as she watched the door. Cade was late. He was never late for their meetings. Looking at her watch again she didn’t hear the door finally open until a shadow crossed over her table. Opening her mouth to say something to the rude person a smile instantly overtook her lips. He was here. 

“Hi.” She greeted softly before standing up to give him a hug in greeting. Before she even got her arms around him his hands cupped her face and she found their lips together. It was no secret that they have been hooking up for a while but he had never been this open in public. Not wanting to question him just yet. She placed her hands on his face and kissed him back with as much vigor as he showed.


*Cries and tucks herself in bed* So. Many. Cute. Trolls. I want to interact with them all. But I can’t even bring myself to -mention- them and always run away in embarrassment after sending ONE ask to the mun about ONE of the several of them.

I only have three trolls, but that’s ok because I have a lot lot more trolls who are not mine but whom I adore as if they were my children.