– floatingHuntress [FH] began trolling argonSeductress [AS] –

FH: -Hello, Strala.-

FH: -Do you think you could come to the clearing?-

FH: It’s okay if you can’t but I’ll be there in a little bit.-

FH: -Hopefully I’ll see you.-

– floatingHuntress [FH] ceased trolling argonSeductress [AS] –

Before Strala could respond she got offline and hurried away from her husktop, dashing to get ready and out of the hive.

*Cries and tucks herself in bed* So. Many. Cute. Trolls. I want to interact with them all. But I can’t even bring myself to -mention- them and always run away in embarrassment after sending ONE ask to the mun about ONE of the several of them.

I only have three trolls, but that’s ok because I have a lot lot more trolls who are not mine but whom I adore as if they were my children.

moonlittrolls asked:

¥(Cadora about Mikian?) ¥(Anyone about Shigra?)

I think I’ve seen her around town when I head in, and she seems kind of scary, well she is a highblood. Anyways, she seems nice enough!

That the girl who works at that store? She’s pretty cute. Well, everyone is pretty cute … You know what I mean.

sugaricedreams asked:

johnkat for the send me a ship thing jkjkjk stralaxcadora for that


who’s the cuddler: mmmmcadora

who makes the bed: cadora?? unless she forgets but shes pretty neat

who wakes up first: idk?

who has the weird taste in music: okay honestly cadora maybe?? she listens to some weird crap

who is more protective: strala probably maybe

who sings in the shower: cadora

who cries during movies: cadora (shes a huge wimp ignore me)

who spends the most while out shopping: ?

who kisses more roughly: strala probably as ive said cadora is a wimp

who is more dominate: oNCE again strala bc cadora is a huge wimp

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 11