cadmus chan


such a cute happy family :P

it caught me by surprise that this two will actually pair together (though i know the how “lovers always start of as enemies” theory is always a TVB formula) Derek always never fails to impress, he really makes his roles unique (the excessive eye blinking was really appropriate :D) i don’t think i’ve seen Paisley before in other dramas (though she looks a little bit like Liu Xuan from Grace Under Fire), she’s ok until the camera focuses on her for too long… haha! fierce eyes :P

this little boy knows his lines well enough though sometimes i’m so worried that he’ll forget… hahaha! his name is Cadmus :) unique name… :D and he played Joyce Tang’s son in Ghetto Justice (together with his sister :D) HE IS TOO CUTE!! :P

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天梯! i really like this song by C Allstar :)

this mv is TVB’s version hence familiar faces :) we have Brian Chu (from YSNS) and Tina Shek (from Wish and Switch) who actually make a good looking couple here… he’s 20 (he is THAT young?!?!) and she’s 19 (she’s pretty… and has a little resemblance to Nancy Wu :D)… not bad actually if TVB decides to cast them together in the near future… haha! and i think i spot little Cadmus Chan from On Call 36 hours! :D