The Outsiders Headcanons: Dating Dallas Winston

I’ve done one of these before but it was requested again and I don’t mind doing an update cause it’s been a long time since I done the last one.

Dating Dallas Winston would include:

- Constant fighting. No joke, every little thing you two do leads to an argument.

- Dallas purposely trying to set you off by teasing you or doing something that he knows you dislike.

- Never being able to have a normal cuddle session without it turning into a make-out session.

- Attempting to watch a movie with him only for him to constantly be kissing and nibbling at your neck or cheek, making it impossible to pay attention to the television screen.

- When you go out in public his arm is almost always around your waist or shoulders.

- Extreme jealousy, on both sides really.

- Getting a call every once in a while from Dally when he’s been locked up, only to recite the same speech to him over and over again that he needs to stay out of trouble, and once again he doesn’t listen to a word you say.

- Dallas going through your underwear drawers when you’re in the shower or just not in the room because let’s be honest he’s that guy.

- Never hearing Dallas say the words “I love you” but you know he does love you by the small hints he gives like saying “you know I care about you, right?” Or him rubbing your back gently when you’re not feeling well and whispering nice things in your ear.

- Trying to convince him not to go to rumbles so he doesn’t get himself hurt, but once again it’s like talking to a brick wall.

- Telling him off 24/7 for stupid stuff that he does.

- Really good sex. Like really good. A lot of it too.

- Him always referring to you as either “doll” or “baby.”

- Him constantly apologizing for the stupid stuff he does, after a few days of being stubborn and not wanting to bring it up to you.

- Dallas wasn’t good with words so he often used actions such as kissing and hugging to apologize.

- Him sneaking into your room in the middle of the night through your window and staying the night with you.

- If you went out for dinner or ate with your parents his hands would often wander places they should not be, causing you to swat them away and scold him for it afterwards, only for your argument to lead to sex anyway.

- Dallas always getting what he wants cause he knows exactly how to push your buttons.

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A te che hai visto il male
scandirsi piano nei ricordi
fra l'eco del tempo
che, ignara, perdevi
mentre l'assurdo saliva al trono
e ti adattavi e obbedivi
mesta, come fosti sempre.
Lunga agonia per chi ti ha amato
e tenacia e speranza e lacrime.
Poi però la nausea finisce,
una forchetta cade a terra:
accenni un sorriso.
La neve scende, scende e scende ancora
e tu, inebriata dal candore di mille fiocchi bianchi,
oltrepassi il velo e giungi a Dio, purificata dal dolore.

Little Johnny Headcanons

•His Signature Scent™ is cigarette smoke and the outdoors.

•He loves to color; he and Pony will often team up on a drawing with Pony doing the sketch and Johnny coloring it in.

•He hates all forms of drinking.

•He loves to count the stars at night when hes out in the lot, it helps calm him down.

•He kind of always knew he’d end up dying young, he just chose to ignore it in order to be happier.

•He’s a little jealous of Pony’s intelligence.

•Professional Sass Master

•He’s Italian on his mother’s side.

•Before he was jumped, he loved to crack jokes with Two-Bit and smiled a lot more.

•He snort laughs.

•Speaking of smiling, his smile is a little crooked but he doesn’t mind.

•Bites his fingernails down.

•Has a little tummy chub and thick thighs.

•He keeps a secret journal where he writes down all his thoughts that he can’t put into words.

•He likes the smell of lavender and pine.

•He keeps an old stuffed animal his father bought him when he was four under his pillow; it reminds him of a time his parents used to care about him.

“I drive, I drive, I drive. My headlights light up the highway signs as I try, I try, I try to outrun the moon on the horizon. The time on the clock is blurry as I blink back tears. My lipstick is faded and my mascara crusts around my eyes. It will be seven hours of driving in nine minutes.

Tulsa is not big enough for the two of us. I continue blazing down the interstate. My lungs fill and then deflate. Oklahoma is too forgiving for my liking. It sees her and it does not flinch, but welcomes her because she fits in with the rough and the tough and the bruised. Oklahoma matched her.

I drive, I drive, I drive. Seven more minutes, I realize.

She did not say goodbye on the telephone, but I didn’t give her a chance to. I remember wondering in a vague sense if she had cried when I hung up. I don’t know and I hope I never do.

I know in my heart as well as my head that staying in Tulsa would have ravaged me. I am nothing more than ashes at this point in time. Four more minutes. It will strike midnight. I have driven all afternoon.

Do I know where I am going? Not a clue. But in three minutes, I will no longer be able to say “this morning, I broke her heart” because that was yesterday. I am able to have a new start on this interstate tonight, as I drive and drive and drive.

I am going to be reborn. I am a Phoenix. I rise. I rise. I rise.”

─ angela shepard, probably at some point 

Un piccolo consiglio

Non guardatevi intorno in modo superficiale, fate caso ad ogni singolo movimento e respiro del mondo. Accorgetevi della delicatezza con cui una foglia cade e come si appoggia dolcemente alla madre Terra. Non soffermatevi a ciò che si vede, andate oltre la verità. Andate oltre ciò che è apparentemente vero e reale perché in realtà è solo un reale astratto poiché la mente è capace di trasformarlo a piacimento. Perciò usate la vista, ma non quella degli occhi; quella dell'anima.
Vi sentirete meglio.

its superhero day at my school so im trying to dress up as Johnny Cade but its not going very well considering the fact that i am a 13 year old white girl with brown hair and blue eyes., since he’s technically not a superhero anyways maybe no one will notice, but still.


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