yeah sure so I drew Cade & Bolin kissing big deal but if you notice I also drew them doiNG THE FOREHEAD TOUCH THING SO NOW IT’S TOTALLY CANON

I used to be in so much denial about this ship but it has sailed & I chucked the champagne bottle against the hull

do you know what their freaking ship name is? do you know what name Skipper gave this ship?

Shark Gym, all aboard

ringoogo asked:

johnny for the character meme

  • What I like about them: Everything  
  • What I dislike about them: ….except he loves Gone With The Wind.
  • Favourite moment: When he realizes he doesn’t need his family and that blood doesn’t always equal love. That his life is worth something.
  • Least favourite moment: His love for his parents.
  • A situation with this character that I want to see explored more: How he became a member of the gang. More exploration of how close he is to Soda. More exploration of how close he is to Darry. More exploration of how close he is to Two-Bit. More exploration of how close he is to Steve. More exploration of how close is to Ponyboy. Definitely more exploration of close he is to Dally and how they came to meet one another. 
  • An interesting AU for this character:  I want a Heterochromia iridum soul-mate AU with him and Pony and for funsies, Soda x Johnny.
  • A crossover: How To Get Away With Murder.
  • OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship): Dally x Johnny and Pony x Johnny.
  • Other ships? I ship Soda x Johnny and the very rare Steve x Johnny. Curly x Johnny. Bob x Johnny and Randy x Johnny (because I’m an angst lover and could only imagine the angst in those.)
  • Friendship? Two-Bit x Johnny
  • NOTP: Two-Bit x Johnny.
  • An assortment of headcanons!: He goes on to become a counselor. He majored in history and also tutored students later in life. He enters a relationship with Ponyboy.