Inktober day 4!
I’m sorry for how shoddy this is, my hands are still shakey from my asthma outbreak.

Everyone don’t forget to check out Yo-kai watches dub airing today at 5pm on Disney XD! (I’m curious to see how it goes lmao…) They’re showing new eps every day of this week!

Imagine reminding Balin, Thorin and Dwalin of Balin's late daughter

For time-to-get-weird :)


Balin watched as you chatted with Fili, Kili, Ori and Bilbo, you were telling a story from your travels and they were watching you tell it with wide eyes as you recalled the time when you escaped from a pack of wild wolves with only a small scar on your left hip. You danced around the fire dramatically, acting out how you managed to fight them off, swinging your arms round, wielding an invisible sword.

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Camila & Lauren - Perfect…

Vamos chorar um cadin? Esse video e essa música acabam comigo