Inktober day 4!
I’m sorry for how shoddy this is, my hands are still shakey from my asthma outbreak.

Everyone don’t forget to check out Yo-kai watches dub airing today at 5pm on Disney XD! (I’m curious to see how it goes lmao…) They’re showing new eps every day of this week!

I’m currently in college and I need as much money as I can possibly get. I can’t work while attending school without my physical and mental health completely deteriorating so I’ve decided to open commissions as a means of getting some kind of income.

+3-5 dollars per extra character
+1-2 dollars per frame for animation

Payment through paypal only.

If you are interested or want more information, either message me here or email me at If you want something different come talk to me and we can work something out.

Will do OCs. I’m willing to do blood, but no graphic gore. SFW only.

I retain the right to refuse requests. 


Camila & Lauren - Perfect…

Vamos chorar um cadin? Esse video e essa música acabam comigo 


Hey guys! Just a reminder that I’m currently open for commissions. I will do OCs and things that are romantic/suggestive, though I won’t take NSFW requests. 

I’m willing to take up to three at the moment so please contact me either here or at my email

For pricing we can either discuss or you can find basic standards here. (Disclaimer that some of the art on that post is older and not accurate to the current quality of my art.)

A few recent examples of my art: