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WGI 2016 Percussion World Finals as Explained by Gifs

15. Atlanta Quest (Atlanta, Georgia) || Super || 86.700

14. Dark Sky Percussion (Long Beach, California) || Call of the Wild || 87.313

13. POW Percussion (El Monte, California) || Hands || 88.225

12. United Percussion (Camden County, New Jersey) || We Shall Remain || 88.838

11. Gateway Indoor (St. Louis, Missouri) || Until the Quite Comes || 89.688

10. OC Indoor (Portland, Oregon) || Imitating Life || 90.300

9. Cadets Winter Percussion (Allentown, Pennsylvania) || The Dream Electric || 91.638

8. Cavaliers Indoor Percussion (Rosemont, Illinois) || The Lost Boys || 91.900

7. Matrix (Akron, Ohio) || Crazy Talk || 92.250

6. Infinity (Orlando, Florida) || Everything Starts from a Dot || 93.925

5. Music City Mystique (Nashville, Tennessee) || In Bloom || 94.863

4. Rhythm X (Dayton, Ohio) || Alpha || 95.963

3. Broken City (Ontario, California) || Caged || 96.575

2. RCC (Riverside, California) || Bound is the Heart || 97.563

1. Pulse Percussion (Westminster, California) || Brother || 98.000

anonymous asked:

cadets winter percussion... and spirit of atlanta?

alright so like. i’m obviously probably correct in assuming that by sending me this you’re questioning why i’m marching spirit alongside cwp (which like, apples and oranges man, why is there a comparison? two completely different organizations). and with all the shit thats been happening with my corps and all the shit people have been saying i really just want to get this off my chest.

If I truly cared about a score or a placement, I would be aging out somewhere else.

I’d go somewhere where I would probably not get along with my section. Where I can’t sing the shower songs I looked forward to every night and jam to the inappropriate trap music on bus rides. My lowkey obnoxious in show vocals would probably be out, and people really just wouldn’t understand who I am because I’m a pretty strange, emotional, complex person and the people at Spirit got that instantly.

I can text Erika coffee recipes all day, or Hannah can call me and say things in a southern accent if I’m sad and really really need it. Jack and Tyler can say stupid shit that makes me laugh on facebook and people can bring up that Rico got shit on by a bird 50 thousand times a week. We can comment one word on someones first ever profile picture on facebook and it’ll have 60 likes in ten minutes. We support each other whether we stay for six years or leave after one. And considering most of the people who are telling me I should hightail it out and go try to medal for my age out are also the people who have complained and hated their experience in their “top five” corps, I think I’m good where I’m at.

I will get a big ol’ delta tattooed somewhere on my body, and another tattoo for Spirit after that. I’ll still cry ten years from now when I hear Georgia, and forget about it when I hear salvation and I’m a sad heap of mess on the floor. My bridesmaids are wearing baby blue. It’s my home, and I’m happy here. I was challenged to do more than I ever thought I could, and I broke through the shell of a sad girl that thought she would never amount to anything and Spirit is the reason I did that. Do I think I’m talented enough to make a “finalist” corps? Oh, definitely. But I owe what I know about this activity to Spirit and I don’t want to leave.

So yes, anon. Spirit of Atlanta. It’s where I started and will end my drum corps career, with the best people in the activity. Because if you’re solely in this activity for the purpose of winning a ring and never enjoying yourself, or not having those you shared that moment with in your life after the summer ends, you have NO IDEA what this activity is all about.


Cadets Winter Percussion had their first rehearsal this past Sunday. Here’s some video footage. Wanna join? Visit