cadets winter percussion


WGI 2014: Cadets Winter Percussion In the Lot 

Copy of A…

so a few of the people in this ensemble have teched for my school’s marching band and indoor drumline (if you care those people would be the xylophone player, the far left vibraphone, the shaved head off-center quad, the black snare drum, and two of the cymbals), and i’m sure many of you know that this is the first year of CWP being in existence. they got frickin first place their first year in PIO, and although their finals performance isn’t up on youtube, you can watch this kickass in the lot video that vic firth posted (thank god for this channel tho seriously). so do take your time and watch this video. their show this year is called Copy of A… and features Nine Inch Nails, you know if you’re into that kinda stuff.


Cadets Winter Percussion had their first rehearsal this past Sunday. Here’s some video footage. Wanna join? Visit