cadet bones

miss-bubles  asked:

I need yout to picture this: Cadet era (AOS) bones is super confused about who this chirpy 13 yr old irish kid that sings too much is, and why his presence has suddenly turned his purpetually immature room mate into not mearly a mature adult but some ind of paternal figure, 'Cause he sure as hell isn't getting any answers from Jim. that is all

I feel like Bones probably came home late from a hospital shift and walked in on them sharing a bed, because Jim and Kevin would absolutely feel safer sleeping next to each, and Bones would be like, “Jim, you’re not fucking serious, he looks 12.”

“He’s 13, and gross, Bones, get your head out of the gutter. He’s my family. Like you’ve never shared a bed with Joanna before.”

“She’s my daughter.”

“Kevin’s one of my kids.”

I have to show off what the amazingly talented @sleepymccoy created for me. I wanted a mash-up of AOS cadet Bones and grizzled- veteran-space-traveler (badass) Bones, but also love the bond between Jim and McCoy, since they go up into the black together, always. Sleepy was able to take all these jumbled ideas out of my brain and craft this beautiful piece. I love this so much, all the way down to those glittering stars in the background!