cadet bones

Hell Hath No Fury

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 2248

Warnings: Graphic description of injury, angst, swearing

A/N: I truly didn’t mean for it to be so long but I had a lot of fun writing it and it just got away from me…but it was requested by @anotherotter​ based on my 777 Follower/7 Deadly sin challenge from years ago with the request: Wrath and Bones. Hope you enjoy!!!

After two years on the Enterprise, you knew what to look for when Bones was getting mad. It always started with the eyebrows. They’d furrow together like a couple trying to embrace. Then he’d clench his jaw and pinch his nose in a futile attempt to calm himself down. After that, his hands would start to shake - an almost imperceptible tremor that only a trained eye could see. You’d trained yourself to notice all these signs and more, but you still weren’t prepared for the pure red-faced fury filling Bones right now.

“What the hell is taking you so damn long? Do you not understand the gravity of the situation?”

You tightened your grip on the the flashlight in your hand. “I understand the gravity perfectly, doctor, but that’s not going to help me fix this ship.”

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Cadet Kirk

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Pairing: McKirk

Prompt/Summary: Accidental classical conditioning of Jim Kirk with the word “Cadet”

Word count: 2,586

Rating: NSFW

Warnings: Smut. Just a lot of smutty smut with a side of smut and just a touch of fluff and a dash of psychology

Beta’d: No, not really. 

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Jim tugged at the handcuffs holding his wrists against the headboard. “Bones, really?” he just about whined.

“You said you wanted to do this, so we’re doing it,” Leonard answered as he looked through the box they kept under the bed.

“Technically you asked and I agreed.”

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mcspirk cadet au

-bones chainsmoking
-spock in a scarf
-everyone thinks they’re in a weird threeway but really they’re all soulmates and bones would literally never consider himself a third wheel bc they all care and love for eachother albeit in different ways
-kirk in GLASSES
-“please refrain from smoking in the apartments, leonard” “please kiss my hungover ass, spock”
-chubby freshman-fifteen kirk
-gangly bones who hasn’t hit second puberty yet VS. 18 year old bones who looks like a 30 year old man
-jock spock
-J O C K S P O C K
-they all like different scented candles so they decided to have a rotation (spock likes vanilla, bones likes linen & clean laundry, etc, kirk likes FRUITY scents that makes ur nose burn)
-“well jimmy, that rubs me worse than a june bug in may!” “bones are you just making shit up now?”

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Any fics where Bones has a prosthetic leg or arm or something? He was hurt on an away mission or something?

  • Jim is by Bones bedside the entire time Bones is unconscious. He blames himself every second of it. Because this wasn’t supposed to happen. The fact that Bones couldn’t dismantle that torpedo back when Khan was threatening them, why would Jim assume this time would be different? It wasn’t. And as a result, Jim is looking at a synthetic arm. It being the 23rd century, it looks realistic. Feels kind of realistic, too, when Jim hesitantly reaches out to touch it. It’s just colder to the touch. But it frightens Jim into a panic attack, and Bones isn’t conscious to help him ease through it.
  • And when Bones is conscious, Jim can’t ask him for help. Because Bones is hurt himself. He touches his arm in pure terror, and Jim swallows his own feelings and instead he reaches out, resting his hand on Bones’ shoulder. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asks. Bones lifts up his prosthetic arm, and to Jim, the way he moves looks almost natural. The skin is paler, but otherwise, it seems to function just fine. “No,” Bones replies, “I don’t want to talk.” “I just want you to know, that if you do-” “I don’t,” Bones replies. “Okay,” Jim says, “I’m here for you.” “I don’t need you,” Bones says, “just leave me alone.”
  • That’s painful, but Jim can only give Bones the space he so verbally demands. But really, after a few days, and Bones goes back to work almost immediately, it just feels like Bones is avoiding him. He buries himself in work, mostly paperwork at that, and he doesn’t show up on the Bridge anymore. “Don’t worry about it too much,” Uhura tells Jim when the other’s clearly on edge, “with that arm, he can do his work just fine. He just needs time to accept it. He’ll get there.” “I just want him to talk to me,” Jim sighs, “if he just tells me he’s not okay, then maybe I could… you know, be there for him.” “You can be there without him asking for it,” Uhura says, “just like Bones has always been there for you.”
  • “Bones,” Jim says quietly when he walks into Bones’ quarters. It’s a mess of broken furniture. For someone irrationally angry all the God damn time, Bones has always been calm when it comes to non-verbal stuff. Never has Jim seen his room such an angry mess before. “Bones,” Jim repeats quietly, finding the other on the ground in the bedroom, covered in paperwork. “Hey, Bones, what are you doing?” “I resign,” Bones replies, “I’m sorting out the paperwork.” “What? You don’t have to, Chapel said you could still do your job. Prosthetics these days, they’re-” “I don’t want to hear it,” Bones says, “next time we’re on Earth or in York Town, I resign.” “But Bones-” “But what?” Bones snaps at him, “you’re going to convince me to stay, like you convinced a God damn doctor that he’s capable of dismantling a fucking torpedo?” Jim immediately falls silent at that, knowing full well that this whole thing was his fault, he just never expected those words to actually come out of Bones’ mouth. “I’m so sorry,” Jim says, not sure what else to say, “is there… anything, I can do?” “You can accept my resignation,” Bones says, “and you can leave me alone.”
  • “He’s just dealing with his injury,” Uhura says. “McCoy loves you, given some time, he’ll stop being angry,” Sulu tells Jim. “McCoy is angry at everyone all the time. He forgave me for almost getting him thrown into space, he’ll forgive you,” Scotty says. “I don’t know why you’re asking me, Captain,” Chekov says, “I find doctor McCoy terrifying.” “Jim,” Spock says, sighing a little, “given the circumstances, the doctor’s reaction is entirely logical.” “I just want to know how I could make him feel better,” Jim says. “I think you’ll agree I’m not the best example on conveying human emotions,” Spock says, “when Uhura and I disagree, we give each other space.” “I don’t want-” “Forgive me, Jim, but what you want in this case is irrelevant,” Spock says, “you’re suffering because you feel guilty. Leonard is suffering because he lost an arm. His entire life, passion and profession relies on having the steadiest arms in the galaxy. He has the right to be upset. All you can do now is apologize, and accept that he might not forgive you.”
  • So Jim gives Bones the space he needs, though he’s miserable in the process. He misses his best friend to talk to. To talk to, to complain to, to have drinks with, to just be around each other. But it’s what Bones wants, and so Jim gives that to him. Bones is present at the staff meeting, and the way he talks to Jim finally makes him think something might be changing after all. Because Bones tells him “damn it Jim”, and “we’re running low on supplies”. And yet, after it’s all over, Bones retreats to his room.
  • But then Jim gets himself hurt during an away mission. Not even on purpose (he’s tried that, and got treated by Chapel instead). No, he gets himself wounded in his side. Knocked out by a blow to the head. When he wakes up, Bones is standing over him in med bay. “Bones,” Jim says quietly, trying to ignore the splitting headache. “Can’t even walk two steps without getting hurt,” Bones says, and Jim watches him work quietly. He thinks about being careful, but maybe it’s the headache that turns him more into his own self. “How’s your arm?” he asks, and Bones raises an eyebrow. “Which one, the real one or the fake one?” “Whichever,” Jim says. “Well,” Bones says, “I can choke you with both.” “I’m into loads of things, but choking isn’t one of those things,” Jim replies. Bones stares at him blankly for a few seconds, and then he cracks a smile. Jim, too. “You’re a fucking idiot,” Bones says, and Jim laughs, briefly. “Can’t argue with that,” he says, sitting up straight, “I heard you performed brain surgery the other day on one of the cadets.” “Hmm,” Bones hums in reply. “Did that go well?” “He lived.” “Good,” Jim says, “I mean, I’m not surprised.” “Flattering and careful wording isn’t your style,” Bones says, “stop treating me like you’re walking on thin ice, and then maybe we can get drunk.”
  • And so Jim shows up in Bones’ quarters, a bottle of bourbon with him and he greets the other on the couch. Bones finally seems warmed up to him again. A little angry, sure, but he drinks that alcohol and he complains about med bay like he’s never been through the Hell Jim put him through. “Stay with me,” Jim says, so sudden it catches both of them off guard. “Huh?” “Don’t resign,” Jim says, “I can’t– I don’t want you to resign. You can still do your job just fine.” “Stop,” Bones says, but Jim shakes his head. “No. I fucked up, okay? But that doesn’t mean… I want you to stay. I want you here.” “What you want isn’t the most important,” Bones says. “You’ll be miserable back on Earth.” “Excuse me?” “What you need is your family,” Jim says. “Yes,” Bones agrees, “my family-” “Is here,” Jim interrupts him, “Uhura, Spock, and the others. We’re all here for you. And I know this is my fault, and I can never make this up to you, but I love you, okay? And you’re not alone through this.” “Shut up,” Bones groans, “you don’t get to say that.” “But it’s true,” Jim says, “I can’t begin to imagine life here without you, because I love you.” “Don’t.” “I lo-” Bones reaches out, surprising strength in both his hands, and he pulls Jim in closer, lips together in a kiss that’s both rough and a little drunk, but Jim happily pushes himself in closer to reciprocate. “Stay with me,” Jim begs him quietly, and Bones huffs. “Fine,“ but they both know he’s secretly relieved not to go anywhere.
AOS FIC: From Your Fences

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The AOS crew goes camping.

This is Post-Beyond. Scroll to the bottom for Anna’s author’s notes. I have a ton.

Big ol’ thanks to @outside-the-government for her inspiration/support, even if it didn’t turn out like I planned. If you have not checked out her blog, go now. It’s fabulous. She is fabulous. 

This is part one of three, but can certainly be read as a standalone. Full of fandom cliches, ‘cause I’ve never had an original thought once in my life.

Also, McKirk. It’s always McKirk.

Somehow, Jim had convinced them all to go camping.

They’ve been transferred back to San Fran after Krall’s attack. Len’s been holed up in the lab for most of leave, has grudgingly accepted a part time mentorship position working with senior cadets.

“C’mon, Bones,” Jim whines. “The White River is gorgeous in the fall. Everyone’s going. Ben’s even taken sabbatical.”

Len had bitched and moaned and grumbled,Years stuck in space, and the first opportunity you get, you wanna sleep on the cold ground under the damn stars.”

He finds himself in Washington, anyway.

Len spends most of the first day on the river. He hasn’t gone fly fishing since David’s illness, and dammit, if it doesn’t feel good. The breeze is cool on his cheeks and the rush of the water over his boots is a comfort. Ben and Hikaru have Demora at the shoreline. Ben’s splashing her gently, and she’s squealing. 

It brings a lump to Len’s throat.

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Person A is a Functioning Adult ™ and Person B has been living off coffee and fruit snacks for three days straight.

Bones is a goddamn mess.

Jim had thought he was the one of the two of them most likely to have a breakdown during exam week, or at least to be the one who forgets to eat or sleep while frantically studying at all hours. But apparently not. Apparently, somewhere in the last six to eight months, he’s become an actual official Functioning Adult™. While Bones has, like, regressed to his undergrad days. Or something. 

At first, he finds it funny. Bones is cantankerous on the best of days, always ready with a complaint about any and all subjects, given in his own cheerful yet still very grumpy rumbles that never fail to bring a smile to Jim’s lips. During the run-up to finals week his cantankerousness ratchets up to truly epic proportions and Jim enjoys himself prompting the rants with careless comments, or standing back and watching as some poor cadet gets the full force of Bones ire directed at them. 

It’s amusing right up until he realises Bones is actually freaking the fuck out. 

It takes him way too long to figure it out. Really, he’s only known the guy for eight months, and he’s never seen him in the run-up to final’s week before, so it’s not like he knew what to expect. But there it is, Bones is freaking out and might be on his way to a full-blown nervous breakdown.  

He figures it out when he steps into their shared dorm room after a study session with some of the other Command Track cadets and finds Bones slumped over his desk, surrounded by actual textbooks, PADDS, real paper note-books covered in his indecipherable handwriting and short-hand, at least half a dozen take-out styrofoam and cardboard coffee cups, and what looks like an entire survival pack’s worth of protein bar wrappers. 

Jim quietly closes the door behind him while staring at his best friend’s slumped form. He’s snoring lightly, his head literally resting on the desk, one arm wrapped protectively around it, the other lying across the desk, his hand resting on one of the PADDs. His hair is standing on end, tufts lying in every direction like he’s been tugging on it and running his hands through it all day. 

“Crap,” he mutters to himself. He has a feeling he knows why Bones is freaking out - something something divorce, something something last chance, something something can’t fuck this up - and he’s abruptly annoyed with himself for not noticing what was going on earlier. 

Taking a breath, he decides to stop being an idiot and actually help bones out. To start with, he gently prompts Bones into waking up just enough to get him into his actual bed so he can sleep properly - Bones had given him such a bleary, confused apology, coupled with an expression of mingled misery and gratitude, that Jim had been unable to stop himself from actually tucking Bones in and petting his hair until he drifted back off again. 

Once Bones is asleep again he cleans away all the cups and wrappers, tidies up the textbooks, note-books and PADDs and then sits at his own desk to figure out what to do next. 

Operation ‘Keep Bones Alive’ starts the next morning. 

He gets up half an hour earlier than usual and makes sure Bones has a fresh steaming cup of coffee waiting for him when he wakes up. When Bones is in the shower, he makes him a real breakfast filled with protein and slow-release carbs to keep him running and even makes him sit down to eat it. Bones gives him a look like he’s some sort of pod-person, but Jim shrugs it off and eats his own breakfast with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction as Bones gives in and eats without further complaint. 

Before they both go their separate ways for study seminars, he presses a lunch bag into Bones’ hands. He gets a ‘what the fuck, kid’ for his troubles, but simply grins and tells Bones to actually eat his fucking lunch today. 

In their shared room, he makes sure to push both fresh coffee and bowls of pre-sliced fruit, nuts, the occasional bit of chocolate within Bones absent reaching distance while he studies. Bones doesn’t really notice until the time he picks up half a turkey sandwich, bites into it and then pauses, brow furrowing in confusion in such a way that Jim is forced to clamp his lips together to stop himself laughing. 

Jim simply gives him a blank look from his own desk when Bones glares at him. Bones keeps eating it though, so Jim considers it all a win as he eats his own sandwich. 

The bags under Bones eyes don’t go away, nor does his nervous energy or his constant scowl, but he doesn’t explode at anyone anymore and his cheeks aren’t quite so hollow. He actually goes to bed instead of falling asleep at his desk. 

All the while, Jim plies Bones with questions from his study texts at random moments, and Bones replies completely without thought. After a couple days, Bones realises what Jim has been doing and that he’s been getting every single answer correct, and that’s when he finally stops giving Jim his pod-person stare and smiles at him instead. 

Jim keeps it up all the way through final’s week itself. 

He’s pretty sure he’s aced all his own exams, including the Xenobiology 101 he took purely because he wanted to at least partially understand what the hell Bones was always grumbling about - and his plying Bones with questions during operation Keep Bones Alive really helped there, by the way, he’s totally going to use the same tactic next year. 

When he gets back to their room after his final exam - Tactics and Diplomacy re: Hostile Species - he steps into the tiny kitchenette and finds Bones sitting at the table waiting for him. He’s got two glasses and his best bourbon out. 

“Bones? What’s this?” He toes his shoes off in the nook behind the door and drops his bag on them before taking a seat at the table. Bones pours them both a finger of bourbon each and smiles at him as he hands Jim his glass. 

“I just wanted to say thanks, Jim. I’ve been a real piece of work the past few weeks and you - well, you didn’t need to do what you did, but. Well, thank you.” He lifts his glass in a salute and takes a sip. 

Jim grins and takes a sip, “One of us has to be the adult in this relationship, and Bones, I am shocked, shocked I say, that it turns out it’s me.” 

Bones snorts and rolls his eyes, “No more bourbon for you, you absolute child.” 

Jim laughs but Bones is still smiling at him, so he shrugs, “I just wanted to keep you healthy enough to remember you got this, right? I mean, I think I understand what was wrong? I just wanted to let you know you can do this. And hey, look, you did it.” 

Bones smiles at him again, “Yeah I did. Turned out to be a cake-walk.” He pauses, takes another sip of his bourbon, “I should be better about it all next year.” 

“Great!” Jim downs his bourbon, coughs a little, then pushes to his feet. “Now it’s all over, I am going the fuck to sleep for the next three days.” He ruffles Bones hair as he passes him and gets a spluttered curse in return.

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I need yout to picture this: Cadet era (AOS) bones is super confused about who this chirpy 13 yr old irish kid that sings too much is, and why his presence has suddenly turned his purpetually immature room mate into not mearly a mature adult but some ind of paternal figure, 'Cause he sure as hell isn't getting any answers from Jim. that is all

I feel like Bones probably came home late from a hospital shift and walked in on them sharing a bed, because Jim and Kevin would absolutely feel safer sleeping next to each, and Bones would be like, “Jim, you’re not fucking serious, he looks 12.”

“He’s 13, and gross, Bones, get your head out of the gutter. He’s my family. Like you’ve never shared a bed with Joanna before.”

“She’s my daughter.”

“Kevin’s one of my kids.”

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Imagine Bones having to cut through a solid steel door to give Kirk his annual checkup, who has locked himself in his room

imagine bones actually getting the engineering crews to team up with him so the door is ripped open and just tons of red shirts storm the room

imagine jim being carried to medbay by a bunch of laughing engineering cadets

I have to show off what the amazingly talented @sleepymccoy created for me. I wanted a mash-up of AOS cadet Bones and grizzled- veteran-space-traveler (badass) Bones, but also love the bond between Jim and McCoy, since they go up into the black together, always. Sleepy was able to take all these jumbled ideas out of my brain and craft this beautiful piece. I love this so much, all the way down to those glittering stars in the background!

shakespeareaddict  asked:

Mirrorverse headcanon that Earth, as the center of the empire, is a place where terror does not rule, where love is not a foolish and deadly delusion, where politics matter less, and while most cadets are eager for the gore of the Fleet, McCoy, a civilian at heart, is horrified and lost, barely surviving until he befriends Kirk, ambitious and unforgiving, and Spock, a Vulcan prince--two ruthless men charmed by his quaint notions of moral righteousness, and sometimes even swayed by it.

this is exactly my headcanon thank you so much omg

they’re both total softies for McCoy though

on the ship, on missions, on new planets they’re planning to rule and destroy, they’re considered the worst of the worst - two of the most ruthless cunning and manipulative bastards to ever walk the stars. they are the ones all species have nightmares about, they are the ones cadets at the Academy learn to fear and respect, they are the ones who run the ship with an iron fist and plot the perfect schemes to punish any who get in their way. James T. Kirk, the youngest fiercest captain in the history of the Empire, who’s reputation is built on murder and torture. Sch’n T’gai Spock, a warrior prince, the only Vulcan who has ever willingly joined the fleet, a Commander, a killer, a strategist. he and Kirk are two sides of the same coin when they take down planets and civilizations with the flick of the wrist and a crooked smirk

but when it comes to the good doctor, they’re at a loss

because Leonard McCoy is genuinely good - certainly not Starfleet material, not fit for dealing with the daily horror and gore that the Empire runs on. the only reason he wasn’t killed at the Academy was because he never killed anyone. when cadets came in to the medical bay, twitching from the Empire’s unique form of “corporal punishment”, whip marks, neck bruises, broken bones and ripped off limbs, he would patch them up properly instead of leaving them to bleed to death, unlike the other medical cadets. this gave him enough enemies in the medical field to put his life on the line daily, but also gave him enough allies that no one would dare to make that final step

it was how he met Jim (when he was still just “Cadet Kirk”) and received his coveted nickname. the blond had walked into the medical bay one night, head high, shoulders up, back straight, a black eye swollen enough to inhibit his eyesight, a split lip and cracked tooth, blood caking his teeth when he grinned, sharp and slick, broken ribs, pulled out hair, strangulation marks, a stab wound in his stomach, and a compound fracture in his forearm that made the ulna stick out and tore at the skin in a way that made Leonard grimace and Kirk grin

he fixed him up instead of making the injuries worse, something Kirk had never experienced and something that both confused and thrilled him - someone to break, someone to rip down and build back up for his own game. doctors in the fleet don’t fix people, but this one did. having a doctor on your team would be a solid advantage, and most of the medical cadets tended to go out of their way to torture you into a state of obedience, so this was only a one time chance

but this plan deteriorates while Leonard’s working on patching him up, muttering under his breath about “stupid command track cadets” and their “ability to turn everything into a death match” and his witty complaints and irritated muttering makes Kirk laugh, genuinely, which hits him like a truck because he doesn’t do anything genuinely, but here he is, laughing because of some med student’s scrunched nose in the face of his bar room brawls. when the man looks up at him with a raised eyebrow Kirk just snickers and waggles his eyebrows and says “you should see the other guy, Bones” it makes him scoff and roll his eyes and that’s when Kirk knew

he was different

he actually liked Cadet McCoy - Bones, now - and he hadn’t liked anyone in a long, long time

so he made it known to the whole Academy that if anyone so much as looked at Cadet McCoy the wrong way he’d have their skin, literally

it chased off a lot of the enemies Leonard had built up, believe me

skipping the destruction of Vulcan and pretending Nero and Khan never happened, Spock met Leonard on the ship, when he was assigned as the CMO to the Enterprise. Jim (since Leonard had earned the right to use that name with his captain) and himself would be the commanding officers of said ship. Spock had known Jim longer than Leonard, mainly because as prospective first officer the two of them had needed to spar together to determine who was more qualified for the position (it had been a tie, but since Spock was more interested in the sciences than the commanding track Jim had become captain instead, much to his smugness and internal delight)

as first officer he had to look over the details on who would be on the ship. when he’d gotten to the CMO he’d seen that it was the very same cadet that Jim spoke so highly about (by “spoke highly” he meant “tended to use his and Cadet McCoy’s bar outings and subsequent bar fights in conversation quite often”, but that was neither here nor there). Spock was therefore intrigued - aside from the rather large scar running down the left side of the man’s face (his file said it came from when his ex-wife decided to use a knife on him during the finalization of their divorce), he looked utterly unassuming and ordinary, certainly unused and misplaced on a space vessel - certainly the Empire’s flagship. but if Jim liked him there had to be a reason, and a fairly good one at that

the first time he met Leonard was when he went in for his first physical. instead of looking at him as if he were a specimen to be poked, prodded, ripped open and examined, like most doctors, he looked at him like he was a living breathing being. a patient, someone to care for, which Spock was highly unfamiliar with. it left him confused and on edge, but when he reported said unfamiliarity to Jim, he’d just grinned and said “good”

because Leonard is so different, so incredibly genuinely good, the fact that he treats people with respect instead of fear, with love instead of hate, repairs them instead of rips them apart, earns him the entire ship’s trust, which is something unheard of before in the Empire. to trust someone unconditionally is playing with your life, but Leonard McCoy just is. he can’t save everyone, he knows that, but he tries, and even when he doesn’t save all of his patients he blames himself and nearly drinks himself into an early grave. the amount of times he’s been stuck in his own Sickbay for alcohol poisoning is outrageous, really

so Jim and Spock - they’re at a loss about this man. they trust him, they love him, even though they don’t really know what love is. they let his ridiculous notions of romance and pleasure get to them, let themselves be drawn in, let him give them bouquets and sweets and let him kiss them and hug them and show his obvious affection in public because its what he wants and they want to make him happy. they want to see him smile and they want to see him light up and if they have to be loving and warm instead of heartless and cold then so be it. they can be as horrid and dreadful as they please so long as its not to Leonard, and they would never imagine doing anything harmful to him, so everything works out. they bicker with each other constantly, they pamper each other constantly, they have sex with each other constantly…

really, its better than anyone could have imagined