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Yuri has always wondered how Victor was like before performances.

It’s his first time seeing Victor warm up before a major competition, and by first time, Yuri means up close, a red and white RU jacket folded over his arm, and not from a painful distance shyly looking over Celestino’s shoulder. 

Just say hi already, Celestino would say in mild irritation, and to which Yuri would answer in a pained groan, over my cold dead body, thank you very much.

“Darling, do you mind?” Victor asks in a gentle, soft tone that is new to Yuri, and that pet name, darling, he’s never been called that before. Victor sits on the matted floor, legs spread almost into a side split, and he’s beckoning Yuri to help him into a stretch.

“Yeah, of course.” Yuri miraculously answers in time because his chest is still feeling as tight as a heart attack at being called darling. He settles in front of Victor and adopts a smaller angle side split. He supports Victor’s position by planting his heels against his ankles and offers his hands forward. Victor slips his hands into Yuri’s wordlessly.

Everything stills for a moment, a mutedness wrapping itself around the two of them, and all that exists and all that matters at that second is the trembling hands Yuri is holding. The quake he is feeling is invisible to the eye but volcanic to the touch–confident outwardly, but scared inwardly. Yuri looks up at Victor, a calm ocean with a destructive undertow.

Are you alright? What can I do? How can I make this better? Yuri’s mouth won’t work, but it seems his eyes do, because Victor’s lips upturns to a small smile.

“Don’t be afraid that I’m afraid, zvyozdochka.” he speaks to him softly, looks at him softly, touches him softly, as if it is Yuri who’s fighting a battle and needs to  be placated. “I feel scared all the time. Just doesn’t look like it.”

Zvyozdochka, little star, that Yuri’s been called often. He softens at the words and lets a wall down, thumbs skating circles onto Victor’s hands. “I never knew that about you.”

“You’re the only one who does.” Victor smiles, “I don’t hold hands with just anybody before going into the ice.”

Yuri chuckles under his breath, pulling Victor forward into the stretch, helping him until his upper body is flush against the floor. Yuri drapes himself over Victor’s back, palms gently running across the fabric of his costume.

“You’ll be great, Vitya.”

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D-don't mind me just imagining *sob* Piper and Annabeth living together happily married maybe with an adorable little demigod child all happy and making sure their child has *sobs* a happy life and every morning Annabeth wakes up takes a deep breath and relishes in the fact she is alive despite all that's happens and then gives Piper a good morning kiss on *sob* the forehead and I just SO BEAUTIFUL

this is honestly my favorite ask thank you so much….

the eternal loop of “did you ask your mother?” is, sadly, easily avoided, as annabeth doesn’t have the patience for it, even though piper makes the joke 10x a day, at any opportunity… annabeth is called mom, and is the usually the Bad Cop mom, but usually she can be won over with puppy eyes from baby and mama (piper). when they see her lips twitch at the corners, smile breaking her stern facade, they know they’re getting what the want. they’ve got a big family, too, so even if her moms dont spoil her all the time, pipabeth’s daughter usually gets what she wants from at least one aunt or uncle.

uncle percy is the kid’s fave… or at least, he thinks he is. in reality, percy’s husband jason is the favorite uncle. uncle percy can show baby alaina (which they call her even up to the age of 11, to her chagrin) the entire sea, which super rules, but uncle jason can fly…. and you just cant beat flying! he also loses his glasses in silly places and always wants to give her a $5 bill (and dont let it be said that you cant buy love! ….but dont tell mama she said that)

the favorite game is hard, though, because uncle leo is cool too, … he made alaina her prosthetic arm, which is awesome, and his smores are always perfect somehow. he makes incredible food (he’s always stuck in the kitchen at thanksgiving, which he doesnt mind, because then he doesnt have to make smalltalk with the rest of the guests) and his husband frank and wife hazel are the nicest people alaina has ever met!! uncle frank can turn into any animal, even the super weird ones, which alaina absolutely loves, and aunt hazel has a horse that makes uncle percy blush when it speaks, (which is hilarious because alaina knows that uncle percy cusses too… he shouldnt get so worked up when someone else does…) but aunt hazel is also always very patient with her in ways the other adults cant always manage, and she loves her for that.

uncle nico and uncle will are cool too… they’re a bit reclusive, but they manage to come for family functions, and they bring their own son, cadence, who is alaina’s favorite (and only) cousin. he’s a bit younger than her, but she doesn’t mind. she tries teaching him how to braid hair, and after much insistance that uncle nico’s hair is very long and could definitely be braided, he finally concedes and figures it out (uncle nico’s hair is a lot more stylish from then on, she decides). when her moms are very, very busy, (mom is an architect and mama is an actress, so they’re very successful and sometimes have to go away on business - sometimes at the same time!) she usually hangs out with uncle nico and uncle will and cousin cadence, and no matter what, they always let her watch kiki’s delivery service, even if she wakes up at 1 am from a nightmare and decides that she needs to watch kiki be brave so that she can be brave. sometimes uncle nico is a bit grouchy waking up, but he’s never mean and he never snaps at her. she thinks, maybe, uncle nico is her favorite, just because of how nice he is.

im now emotional over pipabeth’s sweet, beloved, and totally spoiled daughter…… how did you do this with one message…. what dark magic is this…..

Okay! I have posted The Thing on AO3! If you might like sort of vaguely 17th-century historical m/m romance fantasy with ocean-flavored fairytale ripples and a decent amount of porn-with-emotions and boys who need to learn to communicate better, then come and read it over here?

At some point I’ll figure out what to do with it, but I wanted to share.  *hugs you all; bites nails*

| FFVII OC | — “Rita Cadence”

A 50 years old SOLDIER lady, who happens to be Kunsel’s mentor in my FFVII fanfic “El porqué de las cosas” (posted on my fanfiction(dot)net page!).

I didn’t had a visual reference of her appearance yet; so I made this one! Pretty proud with the outcome, he he~❤️

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Sam's first Christmas with Mary is everything he had ever dreamt of.

When they’re finally free from prison, Sam is ten pounds lighter and Dean stalks everywhere like a panther just waiting for the walls to close in on him again; it’s not December 25th, not even 2016 anymore, but the first thing Mary does when they get home is quietly usher them into the library, where a decorated tree shelters a handful of shoddily newspaper-wrapped packages.

Then she guides them into the kitchen, where she nervously gestures to a feast on the counter, mumbling, “Ham’s burnt, and… I got everything else at the store, but, uh… this stuffing is mine—my mom’s recipe, she swore by the stuff.”

Dean smiles and fills a plate half with stuffing and half with pie and crispy ham slices, gushing praise past mouthfuls of food while Sam watches his mom and brother laugh, and it’s good.

Mary died on November 2nd, 1983, a month and change from when she would have been able to spend her first Christmas with her infant son, and having this with her is something Sam never dared to hope for.

Even if he had, this simple, awkward intimacy would have blown all his fantasies out of the water, anyway.

(five sentence fics) | (want one?)

If I put the original fic thing on AO3 (it’s finished, at around 26k), while I figure out what to do with it as far as publication, would people be interested in reading it? It’s sort of…m/m romance (I hope it’s romance enough, rather than fantasy; but then again that’s the core of it, their relationship, or I think so, anyway), fantasy, porn-with-feels, fairy-tales about oceans, roughly 17th-c. time period…

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I'll leave you a proper comment tomorrow, but I just finished Cadence and the Pearl and just had to tell you I loved it!

*makes happy squee-ing noises*

I am so glad! I adore those boys and I feel like I like my own writing in it, but it’s such an odd story in many ways - romance, sure, but also fantasy, grief, healing, oceans…and it’s an odd length, too! So I’m still trying to figure out what I can even do with it, and in the meantime, I’m hoping people like it! And you do! <333

(AO3 link here for anyone else interested in my original stuff - I’ll take it down if I ever sell it anyplace, but for now)

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I'm unimaginative so I'll just use one of thise au ideas floating around tumblr;) E/R/C seated together at a family-style restaurant and everyone thinks they’re a couple already au please and thank you!

(I can do that, Anon! Hopefully this is to your taste, so to speak.)

“I promise, this place is amazing,” Grantaire tells them, when Enjolras and Combeferre look dubiously at the restaurant’s sign despite themselves. And Grantaire certainly sounds confident, and he lights up in the way he only really does when he wants to let someone in on the secret places of Paris, so they follow him in.

He greets the waiter who swings by their table and grins. It’s a nice change of pace, spending time together and chatting idly, and it’s not long at all before they have two platters of food in the center of the table.  True to his word, it looks and smells amazing as they pile it onto their plates.

Enjolras settles back, content to listen to Combeferre and Grantaire talk about the balances of flavors and spices and stray facts about cooking and history, smiling quietly to himself.

“They just started dating, huh?” One of the women at the next table over asks him in an undertone as she slides on her coat, smiling. “You can always tell, when they’re looking at one another like that and can talk about anything like it’s the most interesting thing in the world.”

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