caden in pokemon

As much as I’m excited over official pokemon go events & groups, I’m probably just as excited (if not more) for the unofficial ones. Just imagine

  • after school clubs for pokemon go- the kids acting/forming a gym
  • your best friend being your rival
  • Pseudo gyms that are just as strong as (if not stronger than) official gyms - said pseudo gym being held in one of the gym member’s garages
  • home made gym badges
  • also I’m kinda sad that putting a lot of pins on things sorta fell out of style because I never got to get in on that
  • trainers helping other trainers & creating groups and reasons to train their pokemon together out of some common interest
  • new friends who are also rivals

I’m probably leaving out a lot of stuff but I’m just really happy thinking about how pokemon go has so much potential and can make other people really happy. Feel free to add more!