A List of Mercy ships that are better than Gency
  • Pharmercy
  • Mercymaker
  • Snowangel
  • Mercy x Zarya
  • McMercy
  • Mercy x Symmetra
  • Mercy x Winston’s Peanut Butter
  • Mercy x Her Right Hand
  • Mercy x Torbjörn’s turrets
  • Mercy x Symmetra’s Sentries
  • Mercy x A Battery Operated Machine
  • Mercy x Bastion
  • Mercy x Ganymede
  • Mercy x The Payload
  • Mercy x The POTG
  • Mercy x Her Cadeceus Staff
  • Mercyhog
  • Hell just about anything is better than Gency
  • Please save my beloved main please. I’m begging you. Please save her and leave her out of this lousy ship

I looked at other peoples’ UU posts, and did some more research, because I keep forgetting there are 13 zodiac things now.

So. Ophiuchus, the 13th zodiac. Makes buckets of sense. Because while I’m sure some of you have seen the symbol of Ophiuchus as the U with a squiggly through it, he has another one too. See, the constellation itself is a man holding a snake. In Greek mythology, Ophiuchus, the snake wrestler, was equated with Asclepius, the God of Medicine and Healing, who used snakes in his medical practices.

Okay. So. Asclepius’s symbol is basically a cadeceus with just one snake encircling it, which, then, is another symbol for the constellation Ophiuchus.

And the traditional sign for Asclepius’s field of practice, medicine and healing, is a full cadeceus.

Very interesting, no?