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Two Bit Matthews(Emilio Estevez) protects Johnny Cade(Ralph Macchio) from his mother in a rare deleted scene from The Outsiders(1983)


It took me a lot to post this only to have it posted on youtube for the ‘audio-only’ problem while uploading this on tumblr. I don’t regret doing this hahaHAHAAHAHAHAAH. Enjoy greazZers. :–))

Ponyboy Imagine

You and your boyfriend, Ponyboy, decided to study together for a history midterm at his house. You weren’t as good at school as Pony was, but you did okay. He always helped you study since he was smart. You guys met 2 years back when the teacher sat you next to him and you clicked almost instantly. Since then, the two of you have hung out together. Only about a month ago, you guys started dating. 
“Gosh, Pony, I’m kinda nervous about the test. I never listen to anything Mr. Quest says in that class.” you say.
Ponyboy laughs. “That’s why you need my help.”
“Shut your trap.” you smile and push his shoulder lightly. You take out your text book and some notes from class and set them on the table.
“Ok what do you need to work on?” Pony asks leaning into you to look at your notes and such. He scooted his chair so it was touching yours, which made your shoulders touch. 
“Everything,” you chuckled. 
“Golly, let’s start out with section one.” You nodded. Pony took the textbook so you couldn’t see it and turned to face you. “What two significant events happened on July 4, 1828?”
You bit your lip and thought hard. But you had no clue. Pony was staring at you, waiting for an answer. So you guessed. “Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and the C&O Canal started construction the same day?”
“Nope.” Pony said. “Read over that part.” He gave you the textbook. You sighed and read the part again.
“Alright, I think I got it now.” you said.
“Alright, next question. How far did the warner brothers fly on their first attempt?” He took the book again.
“120 feet?” You smiled trying to give a confident answer. Pony looked at you and grinned. He leaned in and kissed you softly.
You blushed a bit and continued to study with Pony. Every time you got the answer right he would kiss you. But every time you got it wrong he’d make you go over it over and over and over again. You stayed at his house until it started to get late. Then he offered to walk you home. It was dark out and a very clear night. It was September, but a good breeze hit, making the night almost perfect. The two of you walked hand in hand. Pony looked up at the stars.
“Sure is pretty, huh? The stars and the moon.”
You looked up with him and nodded. “Yeah.”
“Reminds me of you.” He looked back down. You giggled.
“You’re so cheesy.”
You arrived at your house and Pony kissed you on the steps. 
“Goodnight, beautiful.”
“Goodnight, Pony.” You smiled and waved goodbye and walked inside your house.

anonymous asked:

So you know the amount of names you give typically? I need a list double that size if that's ok, for a list of masculine/masculine leaning names. This will be a big help to get a good list. Thanks!!!!!

Ooh okay! I love giving super long lists so that’s definitely something I can do :) I’ll try to break it up a little bit so it’s not super difficult to read / get through 

  • Barrett, Trevor, Alexander, Blake, Braden, Jack, Connor, Tanner, Nolan, Carson, Vaughn, Garrett, Cade/Caden, Roman, James, Grant, Clark, Benjamin, Griffin, Cole, Dexter, Everett, Emmett, Calum, Caleb, Holden,
  • Sebastian, Harrison, Jude, Mitch/Mitchell, Sawyer, Heath, Vince/Vincent, Oliver, Miles, Sullivan, Marshall, Silas, Bennett, Quentin, Hugh, Martin, 
  • Nathan, Hayden, Duncan, Caleb, Chad, Bradley, Warren, Angus, August, Victor, Ezra, Foster, Dean, Eli/Elliot, Hudson, Julian, Kai, Theo, 
  • Winston, Dominic, Owen, Kurt, Ryder, Aiden, Hunter, Graham, Ellis, Josh/Joshua, Levi, Damon, Marcus, Reuben, Archer, Tyler, Malachi,
  • Greyson, Rowan, Adam, Conan, Ian, Jett, Gavin, Wyatt, Ethan, Zane, Nash, Julius, Isaac, Asher, Caspar, Atticus, Logan, Kyle, Declan, Dylan

Okay here’s a whole bunch and of course if you’d like some more let me know :) I tried to give a pretty decent range of names but if there’s anything in particular you’re leaning towards let me know 

- ganz


                                                Tim Nevins’ Hachi-Roku

                                         Feature photos by Cade Garrett

                                       Cover photo by Landon McFarland

Tim Nevins’ is a Crew Chief in the US Air Force – a profession which sometimes affords the opportunity to experience areas of the world that many of us could only dream about.  The sheer diversity of automotive culture is a feat in and of itself, so it was a pleasure hearing of the finer nuances of the Japanese scene.

During his time stationed in Okinawa, Tim managed to obtain a somewhat worn-out 1984 Toyota Corolla Levin.  And as we came to find out, like many project cars, it was certainly an evolution into the current state you see pictured.

Despite obvious language barriers, Tim purchased his Hachi-Roku (Japanese for “eight-six”) 3 years ago in Tomigusuku for the USD equivalent of $3,500!  Apparently the evaluation process in Japan is very strict, but after the months of inspection the car was finally deemed roadworthy by the transportation authority.

It’s worth mentioning that this was the first car that Tim ever drifted – a man:machine bond may forever prevent Tim from selling.  Suffice it to say though that it was driven HARD back in those days, encountering plenty of road cones and barriers.

But as time progressed and more time/money was put in, Tim’s pride in the 86 grew.  It became less of a beater drift car and more of a carefully curated project.  It was even nurtured through nature’s hardships as he and his Japanese comrades performed a respray in the middle of a typhoon!  Despite that weather, Tim will challenge you to find a fisheye or run in the paint.

Once imported to the USA, it took seven trips to the Courthouse and/or DMV to get properly registered.  What a headache, but so worthwhile in the long run.  Tim says that driving around in the states you’re an instant celebrity…  The nostalgic, retro styling make this car a favorite of both enthusiasts and uninformed passersby.

Tim diverse tastes include motorcycles, surfing, skating, and also BMW’s.  So much so that he once imported an E21 from Germany.  Specifically though it was his passion for quality and for DIY’ing whenever possible (including wheels) that attracted us to this particular build.  Annnd the obvious fact that it’s RHD…  Which, let’s be frank, we’re a bit starved of here is the USA!

Soon Tim’s job will likely have him moving onto a different city, or maybe even country, so we were glad to have made his acquaintance and to have solidified his AE86 in the annals of Save the Wheels.

1984 Toyota Corolla Levin

RS Watanabe wheels, 14x7 square

Right-hand Drive

4 AGE swap

T50 Transmission swap

SR5 with Drum Brakes and LSD

Megan coilovers

Whiteline Swaybars

Prolink endlinks

Battle Version Panhard bar

AJPS rear 4-link bars

New Old Stock (NOS) lower control arms