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not a "fuck customer," but a "fuck this employee." once i was in a land of green walls and had wandered off from my mom to go look at the different easter candies they had out. some employee had eaten a couple cadbury eggs and didn't want to pay, so he came forward and "apprehended" me and took me back to my mom and said i'd eaten them and she had to pay. i was 11. still bitter about this asshole throwing a kid under the bus because he didn't want to buy his own damn candy

 happy valentines gay. take a pointless drabble.

“I don’t understand why we can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day,” Julian says, arms crossed as Barry fills their shopping cart with cheap candy. “You know, like a normal couple?”

Barry laughs, holding up a pink Cadbury crème egg. “You see that? Thirty cents an egg. We can get twice the amount of candy the day after.”

Julian rolls his eyes, but he’s smiling nonetheless. “Fine. But we are still having our date tonight, yes?” He says, linking arms with Barry.

“Of course, It’ll be less crowded the day after Valentine’s Day.”

They walk down the aisle and Barry spots the largest pink bear Julian has ever seen. Barry points at it with a hopeful expression. Julian only raises an eyebrow, effectively communicating an are you serious?

“Come on, Jul, it’s on sale!”

“An oversized pink bear is the last thing we need cluttering our already too small apartment,” Julian sighs. “Even if it is very fluffy.”

And now Barry is pouting. He hates that puppy look; it gets him every time.

“Stop that. We’re not buying it,” Julian affirms, but he’s losing against that look. Finally, he relents. “Fine, Allen, but I hope you’re paying for it.”

Barry whoops for joy and pulls the bear down from the shelf, nearly knocking down the display in the process. “You’re the best, Jul!” He says, giving Julian a kiss on the cheek.

“See, this is why I don’t like you,” Julian says, but in truth he’s never been happier. “Come on, Allen, let’s go buy some half price candy.”


Sweaty after workout pic from earlier this morning! Sorry I never posted I was in a time crunch all day to make it out shooting with Holly’s fam!

A couple sharp shooters her and her moms are! We are all taking a class next week and wanted practice before heading out to shoot.

Also it is Cadbury egg season! They are my kryptonite, fighting the temptation at all cost!

Hope y'all have had a wonderful day!