cadavervivo  asked:

please how can i downlod your thesims4's house? where did you get this cc?

It’s my own renovation of stefizzi’s “modern oriental” house. I’d have to get her permission before sharing it.

But I can at least give you the cc!

Dining Room chairs: kiolometro

Table photos: brittanyplaysthesims

Wall collages: woohoo-juice-simoleons

Bed: woohoo-juice-simoleons

Rugs: woohoo-juice-simoleons

Patterned end table (which is really a bathroom bench): woohoo-juice-simoleons

Wallpapers: woohoo-juice-simoleons

Plants: mutske

Bookshelf: mutske

Floor lamp: angela

Wooden end table: angela

Corner chair by bookshelf: angela