cadaver kids

My senior year I took an Anatomy & Physiology class and we took a field trip to a cadaver lab. This kid was getting a bad reaction by the formaldehyde so he took some Benadryl. The reaction kept getting worse so we eventually had to find a hospital. The kid called his mom on the way to the hospital to tell her what was going on and she said “I’m not driving all that way to come get you.” so the entire class waited in the emergency room parking lot for four hours. When he finally came out, he told us it turned out he was allergic to the Benadryl he had been taking all day.

greek tragedy - the wombats | you’ve got something - the jungle giants | shake me down - cage the elephant | rocket ship - san cisco | colours - grouplove | lions in cages - wolf gang | teach you the tongue - kid cadaver | peacekeeper - bear hands | turn a square - the shins | next in line - walk the moon | breakneck speed - tokyo police club | evil twin - arctic monkeys | she’s got standards - the rifles | fall into these arms - new politics | substitution - silversun pickups | wallow - coasts | walcott - vampire weekend | the way we get by - spoon | trying to be cool - phoenix | mason jar - smallpools 


{shower jams

dancing on the borderline: a journey thru songs of wht bpd is like sometimes

1.blanket- oh, be clever// 2.borderline- man overboard// 3.blonde hair, black lungs- sorority noise// 4. king of the world- weezer// doses- arms akimbo// 6.everything is alright- motion city soundtrack// 7.caterpillers- walter mitty and his makeshift orchestra// 8.claws- kid cadaver//’re so cool- nicole dollanganger// 10.i’m serious, i’m sorry- jeff rosenstock// 11.the river, the woods- astronautalis// & blue- miike snow//’re a germ- wolf alice// 14.strange euphoria- walter mitty and his makeshift orchestra// 15.mediocre at best- sorority noise// 16.superstar- tegan and sara// 17.contralis- astronautalis ft.tegan quinn// coals- cold war kids// pvris//! me! dancing!- los campesinos 


i miss you, more than you know. - for when you know they’re never coming back.


i. brightside - nate ruess | ii. pluto - sleeping at last | iii. swimming in the flood - passion pit | iv. summer breeze - dye young | v. headspace - the wombats | vi. my body - young the giants | vii. indian summer - how sad | viii. black lemon - generationals | ix. a bit out of time - mainland | x. claws - kid cadaver | xi. portugal - walk the moon | xii. lemons - woodlock | xiii. high dive - andrew mcmahon | xiv. anyone else but you - the moldy peaches | xv. where i’m coming from - bronze radio return | xvi. take me there - adore delano