‘In between shots it was like, “Put on a robe please, and make everyone feel less bad about themselves’” she said, adding that even her husband found it hard not to stare. ‘I had to apologise to him at one point. I’m like, “I promise I’m not that pervy.” He’s just so good to look at. My husband likes to look at him, our [five-year-old] daughter likes to look at him… we’re just a creepy family.’

attackthellama  asked:

ah damn ok well basically i was just saying that all ur blogging about podcasts is really great, and that thanks to u im now listening to Wolf 359 and Freed (they r soo good aaaaah), and i was wondering if there were any other good podcasts u could recommend? thanks

I’m so glad you got into those! They’re two of my favorites!

Hoooo boy, I have so many podcast rec’s for you! All the podcasts are LGBTQ+ friendly, as far as I know!
Firstly, Adventures of Mechabetty is really good! I’m only 75% through it but, i love it. It’s about a brilliant girl turned into a cyborg that, with help from friends/the army, is fighting off an alien invasion! It’s in the style of old timey radio dramas, which is so much fun to listen to. -their tumblr is @mechabetty

Next is Ars Paradoxica, another sci-fi! This one is about a scientist named Sally Grissom who accidentally created travel. It’s one of my favorite takes on time travel, if I’m being honest. Canon Ace character and lesbians also. -their tumblr is @arsparadoxica

Next Wooden Overcoats. Not as depressing as you’d expect from a podcast about funeral homes. It’s actually really funny. I’m a few episodes behind though, so that may have changed, I’m not sure. But its probably still really funny. Highly recommend. -their tumblr is @woodenovercoats

Now, for the bright sessions! I love this podcast SO MUCH. It’s about a therapist for atypicals. 99% is just her sessions with them which is a really cool format to me? It’s very well done, and I love it. It’s got humor, angst, and a canon ace character! Cadam is life. Also, there is a crossover with Ars Paradoxica! It’s really nice and I love it! -their tumblr is @thebrightsessions

Lastly on this list, we have EOS 10! Basically, scrubs in space from what I’ve been told. Never seen scrubs so I wouldn’t know. I do know I love EOS 10 a lot. The Skype chat for it is great too. I highly recommend listening to it. We’re (hopefully) getting a new season soon! -their tumblr is @eos10radio

And I think that’s it. OH! Also, there’s a slack chat that you should join. Slack is a large group chat with a bunch of channels for different podcasts and they’ll be able to give even more recs! I think @elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey could help you with that! The slack is so much fun!

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