Finally sorted out how I want to handle commissions so they are now open!

Pricing (listed in CAD):
Single Character, Sketch (additional character +$5)
$10 Bust
$15 Full body
Single Character, Colour (additional character +$10)
$20 Bust
$25 Full body

Contact Information:

Additional Information:
*Will draw nudity, light blood, and some furry/anthro characters (message me to discuss). Explicit and/or fetish pieces will not be available.
*I will start working on your commission once the payment has been made.
*Three slots will be available to start and will be listed in my blog description (commissioners who wish to remain anonymous will be listed as such). The list will be updated regularly as pieces are done so keep an eye out!

All orders of $50 CAD or more (can span over multiple pieces) will receive a free bust sketch as a thank you!

Commissions are once again 50% off because of my FE blog reaching 3.6k followers!! c: Here is the new pricing list: 

TYPE D ; Watercolour —> $3.00 CAD
TYPE C ; Sketch —> $8.00 > $4.00 CAD
TYPE B ; Sketch+ —> $12.00 > $6.00 CAD
TYPE A ; Coloured Sketch —> $16.00 > $8.00 CAD
TYPE S ; Painted —> $26.00 > $13.00 CAD

Remember these prices are even lower if you don’t live in Canada because of the conversion rate! ($1 USD = $1.3 CAD)
All payments are made through PayPal, please read my commissions page if you’re interested!