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How 10 Architects Used The Same Box Of 1,200 White Legos

Lego is the great equalizer. It requires no skill to wield, unlike CAD software or cardboard models. So when the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) shipped boxes of Lego bricks to some of the top architecture firms in the world, what it got back had none of the high production values of a big-budget Bjarke Ingels promotional video. Instead, it was a series of 10 models that any eight-year-old could have built.

The challenge was relatively open: Create a building of the future that responds to a problem of the future, such as climate change or overpopulation. Each firm was mailed three Lego Architecture Kits, consisting of 1,200 ivory Lego pieces in total. They were encouraged to hack their builds as much as they wanted, via 3-D printing and other methods. The museum’s only real requirement was that every model had to fit inside a 14-by-14-by-18-inch display case for its latest exhibit, Brick by Brick. (read more)

Source: Fast Co.Design


So a few months ago I posted some of my 1989 Tour costume designs… well here is my completed I Know Places costume!! I wanted to capture the dark and edgy mood of this song in my costume which is why I used the lustrous black fabric and silver beading. Seeing as Taylor has been wearing a lot of crop tops lately I decided to incorporate one into my costume. I paired the top with some matching high-waisted trousers because I feel like this combination is going to be worn frequently during the 1989 era. 

Since Taylor and textiles are my two favourite things it was so exciting to be able to combine them to create this costume. 

I would love if taylorswift could see my costume :)