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Malapert Tokka!

Malapert - Clever in manners of speech

The sun was warm as they enjoyed the grass underneath them. Laying on her back, Toph dug her fingers in the soil, amused by watching all the things happen under them. Worms and other small insects crawled under the soil, plants drank water, and little rodents were taking care of their young.  

She begrudgingly let Sokka rest his head on her belly, but the pressure did feel nice. Like a heavy pillow yet enjoyable. 

“Hey Toph, want to hear a poem?”

She rolled her eyes–well, she hoped she did, “Sure. Shoot.”

Toph you are so cool

Cooler than ice you can’t bend

Because you earth bend

“So, what do you think, huh? Aren’t I awesome?” Sokka boasted.

Usually, Toph would have shot him in the air, but today she felt charitable, “Maybe stick to swordbending.”



The warrior paused, turning at the sound of her voice. He gazed warily into her golden eyes.

She walked closer toward him, but it was clear after a few moments she wasn’t going to follow it up.

“Is there something you need, Azula?” His voice was gentle. It wouldn’t do to upset her.

An unsure expression ghosted across the Princess’s face, before she squared her bare shoulders and nodded.

In one swift moment she crossed the short gap between them, pulled hard on his shirt and captured his lips with hers.

And then she released him and stalked away.

The “Avatar” Word Count

Well, after a bit of work, I finally finished this up with the help of the Avatar wiki, and Avatar Spirit (caved in and used them even though theycan be a bit inaccurate, but that’s usually more due to phrasing, and other minor issues that doesn’t really have an effect on the word counts that I’m doing). 

Expect some more of these in the future for other key words like “honor” and “destiny.” Layout will vary.


I don’t know what impresses me more: the fact that in the 13 episodes that Zuko has a speaking role in Book 1, there are 3 episodes where he  manages not to say “Avatar,” or the fact that Unalaq is very close to matching Zuko’s Book 1 score having mentioned the word “Avatar” in 9 of the 11 episodes where he has a speaking role.

Aang, and Zuko have matching scores for both Book 1 of ATLA, and for the end of the series, who knew!

Despite having 9 less episodes, LOK manages to win out against ATLA 438 to 413

Some other things of note:

  • For their combined ATLA/LOK scores, Zhao (26) beats Iroh (22) thanks to his appearance in the Fog of Lost Souls.
  • You’d think Zuko joining the Gaang would decrease his usage of the word “Avatar” in Book 3, but his Book 3 mentions of the word “Avatar” (prior to “The Day of Black Sun” (4) are less than his mentions of the Word “Avatar” after “The Day of Black Sun” (17).
  • I’m surprised to see that Katara actually doesn’t say “Avatar” all that much. Even in Book 1 she only says it 18 times. 
  • Toph says “Avatar” more times in LOK (8) than she does in the entirely of ATLA (2 times in Book 2, and 2 times in ATLA). I guess she was trying to catch up for all those times she didn’t say “Avatar” in ATLA.

Please don’t use this data to prove/disprove your ships. That’s just silly. .