The writers set her up to be this antagonistic, shadowy entity, a part of Zuko himself, a part of his past, that Zuko has to overcome or make peace with (the Ozai part of his parental heritage).

Up to this point the comics hasn’t shown a great interest at furthering Azula’s character or to give her a reason to exist that doesn’t ultimately tie her to her brother and his development.

Azula was ATLA’s greatest villain.

She. Doesn’t. Deserve. This!

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I notice the when it comes to battle Keith is very hot headed, and mostly runs on instinct but when it comes to people he's very logical. Where when it comes to battle Lance is very logical but when it comes to people he is very passionate and ruled by emotion. I think maybe thats why they tend to butt heads like they do.


I do not engage much in kl@nce conversation so I’m not sure if this has been pointed out by the fandom before (I assume it has), but just in case, please allow me to talk about why these two mofos complement each other so well and why it’s pretty damn amazing that they portray diverging personalities when they’re in battle and outside of it.

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