Tokidoki Cammo Playground Olive Angioletto (3.5″ x 5.25″ x 1″) from the Summer ‘06 Line

This item is barely used. It was a birthday present years ago but it was too awkward of a size for me personally so I rarely carried it. It is in near perfect condition although it is missing the original wrist strap and keychain.

I am selling it for $85 + shipping.

If interested please send this form to with the subject ‘Personal Sale’:

Payment Method (if applicable): 

YET MORE PLANT FRIENDS. My dad has a billion of these cacti growing, strategically beautifully placed at the very end of his machine shop. I’ve always wanted to bring some home, so this time I did. Once my sister made some comment about spiders so I’ve spent a lot of time terrified that somehow I’ve brought a spider into my apartment, but I’m letting myself be calmed by the fact that the quarterly pest spray kills every bug that comes in here. I definitely poked myself pretty unpleasantly while repotting - not on the big spikes but only the small, fibrous ones you don’t suspect will try to kill you.