Since my ex and I broke up a few months ago I’ll admit that I was hesitant to go to greenhouses. We used to always go together and I’ve been afraid that it would bring back memories and just make me sad. Today was the first warm day we’ve had in a while, however, and I just got an urge to go. Yeah, I felt some bittersweet feelings, but overall I’m so glad to be visiting cute little plants again. 

BTS as Candles from Bath and Body Works

Jin: Fresh Cut Lilacs (it smelled like a flower shop we thought that was good)

Yoongi: White Tea and Pear (it smelled like a warm cuddle, yoongi probably smells like a cuddle, or we just wanna cuddle with yoongi)

J-Hope: Cactus Blossom (it smelled really good and was probably the best out of all of these, much like J-Hope)

Namjoon: Honey suckle Bouquet (kinda smells like when your neighbors are burnin leaves in their back yard but like with a lil bit of flowers thrown in there lmao)

Jimin: Wild Sage and Aloe (It smelled like how man scents smell y’know that distinctive overwhelming MAN scent thats intriguing but you also kinda want it to go away) 

Taehyung: Sunlit Garden (it smelled like trees and the outdoors lmao, sunshiny outside)

Jungkook: Strawberry Mimosa (it smelled sweet and kinda like Lush punched you in the face with sugary bath bombs)

~admin MVP and admin Midnight

(I ((admin MVP)) actually took all these pictures myself when we went to bath and body works yesterday and smelled all the new candles there ajfdaklhdjfknfdj)



I’ve been working tirelessly on my elective paper (on the mythology and etymology in harry potter) and I’m getting so close to finishing my final version. I’ve been working on my favourite spot (the floor) for hours and hours, but writing about something I love makes me want to continue (21417 words and counting).
It’s been incredibly busy, because I was nearly hold back last year and now I’m busy with my exams so I can graduate. This is my main reason of being so inactive with my posts.