cactus worm

Dark Sun AD&D 2nd Adventures

In a party that used to be run, there were 3 players, a thri-kreen Gladiator, a half elf mage, and me, a halfling Cleric-Theif. This is what happened:

Thri-kreen: I think we should chop these cacti for fuel, do to the nights being so cold.

Me: Wait! What if the cacti are dangerous!

Thri-kreen: Hmmm…

Half Elf: You’re just silly! The cacti are harmless, watch!

*Half Elf walks up to a small but thick cactus and hits it with her staff*

Dm OOC: As you hit the cactus, a silk worm pops out and attempts to entangle you. Roll for initatuve.

Me: I TOLD YOU. Cacti are evil!

We spent the rest of the campaign burning cacti whenever we came near them.

Incoherent Insults for the Signs

Aries: Inbred Tuba
Taurus: Trashy Aardvark
Gemini: Hippy Cactus
Cancer: Arrhenius Worm
Leo: Gullible Mitten
Virgo: Vicious Cylinder
Libra: Waggish Twine
Scorpio: Lethal Dinghy
Sagittarius: Mute Bugle
Capricorn: Resolute Stain
Aquarius: Uneducated Wedge
Pisces: Sloppy Harp

anonymous asked:

👩‍ = ❤️‍ 👍 💪 🌹, 👷 = 🌵 🐛 👎. 👂 👌 🐧 Feminism explained ^_^

I always suspected that men needed to listen if they didn’t want to be cactus worms. Thank you for putting feminism into emojis for me