cactus quills

“…You can keep your narwhal-horn and pixie wings: American magic is good enough for me, and that means using the abundant magical tools available to us here in the Western Hemisphere. Cactus-cat quills can replace their far more expensive manticore counterparts in the vast majority of potions, and are not so dangerous to gather, and thunderbird feathers have the same resistant qualities of dragon scales and are far easier to shred. And you can keep your eye of newt and wool of bat too: mummified llama goes twice as far and also serves as a unique talking point in any kitchen.”

-Portia De Torres, Article from The American Alchemist(1998)


After many attempts, I finally was able to log into Legends of Equestria. I met up with Chrome and later Quill, Pen, Cactus and Chaos and we went to explore various landmarks.

The experience was buggy at times (my teleport speel doesn’t always work and may make me clip through landscape), but it was fun chatting over skype and having some general tomfoolery. I’d love to do it again sometime.

If anyone playing saw the name ‘Future Sweetie’ that was me. :P