cactus pete's

i found some cactus pete shit and i kNOW im reaching and that its probably just coincidence but realize real eyes real lies 👀👀  who cares

first i found 

this chapter of a book called “the threat of sitting bull” which, is maya not a sitting bull rn while lucas is out riding judy again…….

anyway the chapter is about cactus pete at the camp fire telling ppl about his past so Lolz is he gonna tell maya about his past or maybe he alREADY DID…

next thing

the ballad of cactus pete and lefty <3 

now this song is fucking weird and i dont see any correlation besides lucas being cactus pete and riley being lefty because

be like the eagle and soar above the mockingbird right? lucas is the eagle 👀

“the saga of the west wouldn’t be complete without the ballad of cactus pete and lefty”… we all know r*cas has to happen for lucaya to even have a chance at happening.. and maybe r*cas needs to happen so lucas can finally let go of his past or realize he doesnt need to run from it or whatveverv i dont knWO i already told yall im reaching 

also sidewinder means rattlesnake…. riley matthewsss🐍

then the most important part that made me think this could possibly not be a coincidence was this 

just the mention of audrey hepburn. i dont know what the neck stuff would mean lol but audrey is a recurring theme in the show with 



and this (creds to bmgmw)

which coincides with this

aka the song audrey sings in the movie breakfast at tiffanys…… called moon river…..who’s been referred to on the show as the moon?….maya…….the moon goddess maya is associated with what??…..growth………whos been changing lately????……….maya…… 👀

also HUCKLEBERRY FRIEND.. yall already kno 

anyway besides all that theres this 

which is probably the only meaning behind maya calling lucas cactus pete and everythign else- like i already SAID- is a reach!