cactus crafts


not really doll-related but hey i just made felt cacti !!! still considered miniatures, right? heh. they are easy and adorable and they help me to unwind my head a bit. i would say it’s meditative, even. there are so many felt cacti home decor ideas online, it’s crazy what people can transform felt into. i’m giving these two away to good friends though, but i’d definitely love to make some more and put it around the room…


etsyfindoftheday 7 | 3.3.16

theme thursday: crystalline finds

cactus + succulent crystal terrarium stamp set by talktothesun

UGH. i need these stamp sets in my life. alone, the geometric stamps look like unique gems … add the succulent and cactus stamps in layers, and you’ve got filled terrarium composites. LOVE. see the 2nd pic for more options in this super-creative shop.


Homemade cupcakes, candy clay, and chocolate rocks are the main ingredients in this DIY edible terrarium. Read the full recipe on the Etsy Blog.                                                                                                                                                         


etsyfindoftheday | 10.8.16

STEAL OF THE WEEK: embroidered summer/winter bear patches by shopnds

iron on an embroidered bear patch in your choice of summery black bear with cacti or wintry white polar bear mountain scene. $9 apiece or both for $16!