Shi Shi (oops sorry guys - apparently this was photoshopped >.<)

WOW! Who knew there was a femme fatale lurking underneath all the coolness. I love it. This is a side to her that hasn’t been tapped into. Now I want her to play Wo Mei Niang and enjoy a manrem consisting of Hu Ge, Yuan Hong, Wallace Huo and Chen Xiao, . What? A girl can dream…. :p

Aiight, well tumblr dot com user Deckatalent has asked me to do a thing so I’m doing the thing. I answer 11 questions, then ask 11 different questions and send it to 11 other people?? That seems like effort and it’s late but I will try my best


1.  Do You like your hair?

I do, it’s prettylow maintainance and stuff, and I’ve had it colored in parts for a really long time now and I’m really used to it like that, it’s nice to have it be kind of a weird-but-stable part of my identity so yeah idk


Nah, son. It’s like… cylindrical. Sandwiches aren’t about that. Quesadillas aren’t sandwiches, neither are hot dogs. they are other.

3. Favorite book and Why?

Oh shit that’s hard oh no um shit
maybe The Hobbit, because it’s a ‘book’ and not a whole series so it counts yeah also ti’s lighthearted and fun and Tolkein’s world-building is lovely I dig it

4. How many Chips can you eat in one sitting


5. Favorite band/ singer/ musician?

Panic! at the Disco/ BRENDON URIE for sure ugh that bastard ahs ruined my life I love him

6. Do you like the sound of your voice?

ehhh that is a varying answer. The more I’m forced to think about my voice, the less I like it. I think it can be really annoying sometimes. Also I can’t sing worth a damn for many reasons so nah I guess

7. Favorite Candy

Kit Kats because there are different components to them and you can take em apart and stuff

8. 3 Childhood movies?  

Dinosaurs: Fun, Fact, and Fantasy was my JAM as a kid omg it’s so corny and British ahahaha everyone should watch those damn tapes at least once in their lives
(here’s a liink go watch it )

also THE LAND BEFORE TIME OMG and also Mulan aww yeah

9. Tell me one thing off your bucket list

I really want to go on a camping/road trip with a bunch of friends and explore and sleep under the stars and just adventure yeah

10. What gives you anxiety

Um, lots of things. Crowds, talking to strangers, going to an event without a 'safety net’ of friends,also just like weird shit in general. Like this Friday (the 13th), the clock in one of my classes was going really fast and twitchy and it'sfo in fits and starts and itwasjust creepy as hell and it made me want to like run out of the class and into the wild blue yonder

11. Childhood Idol

Donny Osmond actually like wtf


OK I did it there you go sorry I way overtalked agh it’s late and I’m tired oop

mkay mkay questions now hbbhbhbhbh (reusing some because I’m a shithead)

1. Favorite band/musician?

2. What’s one badass thing you’ve done this year?

3. Earliest childhood memory/story?

4. Ever broken a bone?

5. Do you want tattoos? If so, why/what/where?

6. Spirit Animal?

7. Early bird or night owl?

8. Arts or Crafts?

9. What phone do you currently have?

10. Favorite movie?

11. Favorite holiday, and why?