Something new.

I turn 25 on Sunday and I’ve decided that’s as good a day as any to launch my new project: a daily diary of my life illustrated in comics, doodles and small bits of writing. I’ve drawn diary comics and drawings before, but they’ve always been small. I usually picked one sentiment and illustrated it with a single drawing. This time I want it to be a more comprehensive journal full of expected things like details about my life and doodles of what I ate, but also more experimental things like small poems and a more detailed version of my plant diary.

I’d like to one day make a living as a cartoonist (I’m an illustrator right now and it’s wonderful, but comics are my passion,) so I made a patreon (it’s at for the project and hopefully this will be a step toward me making a living doing what I’m most passionate about. For 2$ per month, you can see all the diary drawings. I’ll be making them daily and updating them as soon as I can (usually daily, but sometimes I might miss a day and update twice the next day.)

To give you a chance to check out the project and see if it interests you before pledging, I’m updating daily drawings free for everyone to see every day until Saturday. Paid posts will begin on Sunday.

Here’s the first drawing:

[Journal entry for October 25, 2016. Transcript:

I went out for coffee today. (Illustrated with a cup of coffee.)

I’ve been sick for the past two months, so I haven’t left my apartment much lately. (Illustrated with a small drawing of me holding coffee.)

Sometimes I force myself to go out and remember what it’s like to be human without the shelter of walls.

I had left-over pasta salad for lunch. The pasta got stained by olives. It was strangely pretty. (Illustrated with a container full of pasta salad and a close-up of a single piece of pasta.)

I keep a plant diary where I use plants to illustrate my life. Today I drew cacti. (Illustrated with cacti.)

3-panel comic. In the first panel, I say “I’m cold.” In the second panel, my cat comes to sit on top of me and purrs. In the third panel, I say “thank you.”]

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