cackling like a banshee

a week in the life of ennoshita chikara and tanaka ryuunosuke

1.7k of unedited ennotana nonsense for the wonderful @ennotanafuta!! i haven’t known you for very long, mel, but i’ve really enjoyed being in the ennotana server with you and i hope you like this! 

the prompt i used for this: Write a story that begins and ends with a bicycle. 

alternative title: on the outside, ennoshita chikara may seem like a responsible young man, but on the inside he’s actually a drama queen

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anonymous asked:

How about Hanji saw Levi stared at an attractive person and she noticed how he looked at that person differently. She felt something odd about that but she don't know, was it jealousy? was it love? was it creepy? Help Hanji figure it out!!

Aye aye aye!! Been long since I granted a request (I’ve been working on my AO3 lately sorry). Feel free to send me more so I can write more noods :3 (I mean LeviHan)

What Feelings?! (LeviHan - Jealousy)

Theme: Vacation and Jealousy

Rating: PG

Warning: Curse Words, Poop Jokes (again) and the bodeh

send your asks/requests here x.

She happily trudged along the sand barefoot, wind and the warmth of sun gently caressing her face as her hair flown back and forth, framing her face. The scent of the salty sea giving her a sense of relaxation as the light fabric of her dress bounced on her thighs. She had won the chance to take a three day vacation from her office through the Christmas lottery, even better, she was allowed to take one person along with her, that person being her short friend, Levi Ackerman.

She turned back to his direction with a smile, only to be greeted by his scowl, looking much more annoyed than usual. Instead of being put off by his gloomy aura, she laughed, watching her partner brood under a huge umbrella, devoid of any sunlight. He also seemed to be ticked off by the sand entering his flip flops, as he began to kick them loose when they stopped.

“You know the essence of a beach is to enjoy the sand, the view, the heat and everything tropical right?” she asked him with a teasing look, lifting up her own slippers higher to show him.

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Chuuaku Headcannons

•When Dazai left, Chuuya watched Akutagawa spin out of control with no chance of stopping him. Akutagawa wouldn’t listen to him or anyone else, and Mori said let him be.
•Chuuya was dealing with his own fallout because you don’t lose your partner, good friend, lover (or whatever floats your boat!) and come out unscathed. They saw each other grow and how could he have not noticed that Dazai was prepared to do that.

•He lets Akutagawa self destruct for about a year before intervening and reigning him in. He’s observed enough and knows Akutagawa needs someone to put a cap on him, Dazai taught him to be that way, dependent.

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She’s got that long, flaming Pre-Raphaelite hair
And a sharp-toothed grin that screams ‘devil may care’
She’s a temptress, a siren so boys beware
She’s a trickster, a liar - she doesn’t play fair

She shrieks like a banshee when a gale blows up
She cackles like a witch with a poisoned cup
She howls like a wolf with its muzzle turned up
She chatters like a seer that throws runes for luck

But she’s kind and gentle, she’s a tender soul
And she laughed and danced as through the night we stole
Then she kissed me gently in the frigid cold
And I’ll remain with her untill our bones grow old

Because she’s wild and feral and full of your ‘sin’
But it’s her untamed heart I’m cacooned within

o21: Midlife Crisis

notes: at this point it’s just quantity > quality bc I have to go somewhere later in the month and wanna finish stuff on time so…OTL

Midlife Crisis


Sasuke tells Sakura he wants to change his hairstyle and…grow it out.


“WHAT?!” Sakura shrieked. Her laugh came out like a banshee cackle, shrill enough to break each window of their newly rebuilt house. “What—are you serious, anata?”

She’d taken to calling him anata since their marriage, less than a month ago.

“Hn.” Sasuke sat straight up on the stool, gazing intently at his troubled reflection in the mirror. His right hand fingered the spikes unhindered by gravity; he flicked them up and down with his finger.

“B-But why?” Sakura asked. She wrapped her arms around Sasuke from behind and pressed her chin on the top of his head. She pouted. Sasuke blushed and turned away, refusing to acknowledge how cute she was when she did that.

“I…need a change.”

Sakura’s warmth escaped him. “Eh?” Sakura said. “Why so sudden? You’ve kept this hair for so long. It’s not you without it!” She frowned. “Now Naruto and I won’t be able to make fun of your chicken butt.”

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