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Rowaelin-both have the same target/break into the same place and run into each other?

Rowan sucked in a deep, steady breath before propelling himself off the roof of a building and through the open window of the building adjacent to it.  Curling himself into a ball at the very last second, the white haired thief just barely made it through the window pane without hitting the edges.  Hitting the carpeted office floor, he somersaulted once to ward off any possible injury and hopped to his feet in one smooth, graceful motion.  Rolling his shoulders back, stretching the muscles in them and his back out and warming them out for his next task.  His job was a simple one: go in, retrieve the wanted item, and get out before anyone realized he’d ever been there.  Step one was complete.  He was in the office building of one Athril Dearst, the ‘people’s champion’ and current D.A. for the city of Wendlyn.  He’d stolen something from his boss, the notorious mafiosa of the neighboring metropolis, Doranelle, Maeve, and she wanted it back.

Rowan didn’t know what exactly Athril had stolen from Maeve, and he didn’t particularly care, but he knew enough to locate what had been taken. Maeve had told him he’d find it somewhere in Athril’s desk.  A file.  That’s what he’d been told.  A thick one, too. With a plastic, evidence bag containing a small, golden ring inside.  Once he discovered the ring, Maeve had ordered, he need not to look further.  Vaguely, in the back of his mind, the white haired thief wondered how Athril–or one of his minions–had gotten so close to his boss to steal something of any real value, but it wasn’t his place to ask.  Asking questions would amount to nothing, anyway, except, perhaps, his death.  But Maeve knew who she was sending in to do her dirty work.  Rowan Whitethorn was the best Cleaner in the country.  If you wanted a mess cleaned up, you called Rowan.

He was a third of the way through his schedule, now he just had to find the file and get out without being seen.  That had never been a problem for the thief before, so he couldn’t fathom it being one now.  He was an efficient, calculated worker.  He’d scouted the area for forty eight hours prior to his infiltration.  He knew the custodians schedules by heart.  He knew that even if the lawyers and interns weren’t going home to their families they weren’t sticking around to work on a Friday night.  And he also knew that due to a construction project occurring down the street–one that was not fully up to city code and regulation–the power lines to the city block would be down for a grand total of two minutes and thirty seven minutes, security cameras included.  That was more than enough time for a professional such as himself.  

Yes, everything was going exactly to plan.  That is, until he opened the door to the D.A.’s office and found a young, pretty blonde woman sitting behind the desk with her legs stretched out atop it, one crossed over the other.  Her gaze was down turned towards the file that laid in her lap, and turning over and over across her fingers was Maeve’s gold ring.  “Took you long enough,” the woman said by way of greeting.  “And here I thought you might prove to be a challenge.”

“What’re you doing here?” Rowan growled, his green eyes narrowing on her form.  It was casual, but almost too casual, like she was luring him in to a false sense of security.  He didn’t need to ask who she was–her looks and behavior answered that question easily enough.  Before him sat Adarlan’s Assassin.  Rumor was her name was Celaena something or other, but the white haired man didn’t put much stock in rumors.  Her real name was irrelevant, however.  The more pressing question was what was an assassin doing in the D.A.’s office?  Followed quickly by and why does she have Maeve’s file?    

The assassin hummed noncommittally, keeping her gaze on the file before her.  “Same as you, I’d expect.”  She finally raised her gaze to his and only Rowan’s years of training kept him from blinking appreciatively.  She was beautiful, even with a skin peeling smirk cutting across her full lips.  She was dangerous.  Every cell in Rowan’s body was screaming at him that she was.  But then again, he thought as a smirk pulled at his own lips, so was he.  

“Now, as far as I can see it we’ve got two options here,” she explained, removing her feet slowly from the desk and standing.  She flipped Maeve’s file shut and tapped the manila cover with her pointer finger.  “We could either fight over this thing and probably use up the remaining minute we’ve got left before the security comes back on–which would be pretty rutting stupid,” she gave him a pointed look, as if daring him to be that stupid.  “Or,” she quirked a brow and pushed the file across the desk, “you take the damn file and we go our separate ways–pretending like this conversation never happened.”

Tilting his head a bit, he asked, “That’s it?  You’re just going to give up your prize without a fight?  What would your client say?”

Shrugging, the assassin cocked a hip and rested her hand on it, “I’ve already read through the juicy parts.  I don’t need the actual thing.”

Deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth, Rowan stepped up and secured the file.  He opened his mouth, about to inquire about the ring, when suddenly the blonde haired woman was standing right next to him.  Stiffening, but not moving away–she was fast, he internally cursed himself for not monitoring her movement, for letting his guard down even just a bit–he peered down at her.  “I’ve heard about you, you know,” she purred, her blue eyes glinting in the dim light.  “Rowan Whitethorn, infamous Cleaner.  Second to none.” Patting his upper arm, she lightly drew her fingers down his bicep.  “The rumors never mentioned how handsome you were.  They’re not doing you justice.”  A pretty blush bloomed over her cheeks, and Rowan realized suddenly how young she was.  She couldn’t be a day over twenty.  If that.

“You know my name, but I don’t know yours,” Rowan responded coolly.  He wasn’t about to be fooled by a pretty face.  This woman was a viper’s nest, just waiting to strike.  

She blinked, shock shattering through her carefully crafted mask.  Rowan quirked a brow and grinned victoriously.  The girl had created a name for herself, no one would doubt that, but the assassin was hardly a spy.  And seeing her youth, her inexperience shown through.  She was a good killer, but didn’t have the discipline for espionage.  Maybe in a few more years, Rowan mused.

Snatching her hand back as if she’d been burned, the assassin’s blush grew and she timidly looked down at her feet. She began to shift her feet restlessly, another sign of her inexperience. Fiddling with her fingers, she murmured, “Celaena.”

“Nice to meet you Celaena,” Rowan chuckled, and watched as Celaena’s face twisted into a scowl.

Pouting, the assassin pushed the file further into his chest and huffed, “Ugh, just take the stupid thing and leave!”  Then, in a dramatic fashion that could only belong to a teenager, Celaena turned heel and disappeared down the hall. Shaking his head and chuckling a bit more, Rowan figured he had about twenty more seconds before the power came back on and quickly made his escape out the building and into the faceless city streets. 

It was only later–much, much later–that Rowan realized that in getting caught up in Celaena’s dramatic, teen-aged bull, he’d completely forgotten about Maeve’s ring. Stopping in the middle of the street, he slapped his hand to his forehead and groaned. 



when fti is forced to promote fnc kingdom (again) 

“If you come, we may look like we think whatever about it, but we’ll be doing our best to give our best performance. If you want to see that, you can come play with us. But if you think the waiting time is too long or whatever, you /don’t need/ to come.”


Sangwoo finds a dildo in Bum’s old apartment. Things escalate quickly from there.

“Hey Bum! I brought you a present!” Sangwoo called out as he walked into the living area where Yoonbum was huddled in the corner.
“What are you doing there? Come out so I can show you properly!” Sangwoo smiled as Yoonbum crawled out into the middle of the room.
“Look at this! It’s so worn! How many times did you use this?” Sangwoo wondered as he waved the once red dildo in Yoonbum’s face.
“Why-” Yoonbum balked before stopping himself and looking up at Sangwoo with wide eyes.
“Why would you even have this?” Sangwoo cackled as he continued to tease him mercilessly, “did you fuck yourself with it?”
He felt giddy as Yoonbum refused to meet his gaze. This was going to be fun.
“I asked you a question. Why are you ignoring me?”
“I - it’s just… Sangwoo.” Yoonbum faltered, looking up pitifully at him with eyes that begged to be saved.
“No, no, no. Now play the game Bum.” Sangwoo warned playfully as he continued to wave the object of discussion in Yoonbum’s mortified face.
“Don’t look so horrified when it’s been inside you.”
“You! I pretended it was you!” Yoonbum cracked, leaving Sangwoo stunned.

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You’re the One: 5. Flock Together

Summary: With help from her teammates, Raven discovers that her boyfriend has a mild jealousy problem, and that it tends to give him bad ideas about new superhero names. 

It had started with a magic trick.

“Raven and Robin,” Mumbo began, pinpointing the two Titans closest to him, “you know what they say about such creatures; birds of a feather, flock together!”

Colourful scarves escaped his black suit sleeve and attacked both the empath and the boy wonder, effectively tying them up together in an uncomfortable binding grip. Mumbo cackled aloud, continuing to make a quick getaway from the remaining members of the team. Starfire was still trapped in the Aztec Lady cabinet and Cyborg was busy trying to burst free from the Chinese linking rings that restrained him.

Angry and alone, Beast Boy shifted into an ostrich and ran Mumbo down at an incredible speed. The cunning old man then threw small explosives behind him and at the flightless green bird in an effort to thwart his chase, but Beast Boy shifted into an eagle and flew away right in the nick of time. He then loomed overhead, like a giant green shadow, before diving downward at the escaping crook. Once he’d knocked Mumbo over, he changed shape again, this time into a king vulture, and started pecking at him with his powerful, sharp beak. The false magician used his arms to protect himself from the onslaught of Beast Boy’s attacks. That was when one of Mumbo’s toy flowers went off and shot a jet stream of water into the changeling’s eyes, causing the large bird to stumble away with a loud croak.

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alright !! either "Come home with me." or "You don't need to protect me." with Hoperai x3

Lightning had lived in the kingdom of Eden for her entire life. Even so, she’d never given much thought to the royal family. Sometimes they’d catch her eye when she passed by a newsstand or caught a headline online, but it pretty much went one eye and out the other

At least, this was so…until the fateful day when she was told she was the heir to the throne.

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Continued | @jerseysass

Needed to ask? Why did he need to ask?

“Just a little bit of one yes.” She agreed. But it was also an unexpected question and yet not. It was forward and admittedly and she hadn’t seen Danny Williams as a forward type. Clearly she had been very wrong and misjudged.

A second and she rallied, pulling herself together after the initial surprise.

“Are you inquiring for a particular reason, Daniel?” And the nature in which she posed her question made it clear he had better be.


Looking back on 30 years of AltPress…
AP238 // Panic At The Disco // May 2008 #AP30

“The most polarizing post-emo band in Las Vegas (heck, maybe the whole country) have returned with an ambitious new album and a “play, don’t worry” attitude. Will their fans abandon them? Will their critics carve them up? Will faceless message-board haters continue to cackle? Most importantly, however: Do the band even care about any of this?”

So that Alistair smut I did recently, Freckles.  
A few of you seemed to like that little piece.
Wouldn’t it just be terrible if my tumblr wife were making art for it. 
… absolutely terrible. (◕‿◕✿)

*cue evil laughter*

Stancest, but with sea shanties

I was inspired by @cheeziswin and her fantastic post about the Stans turning their boat into a ghost ship for Halloween, so I listened to a bunch of sea shanties and wrote some goofy Stancest. 

The shanty in question is this one: Roll the Old Chariot 

Please excuse typos!  It’s just some quick fluff.  I just really like nautical history

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Moody - Yoongi

Requested: Could you do a scenario where ur best friends with BTS, but Yoongi treats u like shit & it gets so bad u were considering moving back to ur home country & all of them know except Yoongi & one of the members let it slip…if that makes sense
A/N: *laughs nervously* I hope it is what you wanted.

(H/c) = Home country
Word Count: 1,265

“Don’t worry about him” Namjoon said, patting you on your shoulder.
“He’s just being moody” Jin assured.
You watched Yoongi’s back as he walked away, entering his room, slamming the door shut behind him.
“Let’s play a game” Hoseok said, trying to lighten the mood.
“No!” you wailed as you lost.
The boys around you cackled and continued playing.
“I’m going to go check on …him” you said to no one in particular.
Slowly you approached Yoongi’s door and gave it a light knock. A groan sounded from inside so you took this as your que to enter.
“Hey” you said quietly, closing the door behind you.
He turned in his bed, his back facing you.
“Yoongi- What’s with you? Recently you’ve been acting so …strange” you said, slowly moving closer to his bed.
“Touch me or my bed and I’ll kick your ass out of here myself.”
Yoongi always had rough language, you were glad he was at least talking to you. You opted to sit on the floor, beside his bed.
“I just want to know…” you trailed off, “Did I ever do something to offend you?”
“You offend me, I can’t stand you” he huffed, sitting up.
“You’re so annoying, always flirting with them all and-” he interrupted.
“I don’t flirt with any of them!” you shot back, interrupting him this time.
“You’re just a whore” Yoongi muttered.
Your breath hitched and your words got caught in your throat.
“I’m not a whore” you breathed out, your eyes beginning to sting.
“Look at you, you’re pathetic” Yoongi wore a bitter, sad smile as he looked down at you.
You rushed out of the room as fast as you could, tears threatening to spill as you left the dorm without even putting on your shoes. The boys in the living room all looked at each other before getting up quickly.
“Taehyung, Jimin, Jungkook, go look for her” Jin ordered, making his way toward Yoongi’s room.
You felt your lungs burn as you breathed in the air from the rooftop. Tears cascaded down your cheeks as you crouched over and cried. Yoongi thought you were a whore… He was never like this before, never this mean. You heard the rooftop door open and a sigh of relief. You wiped at your cheeks frantically as Jungkook came to crouch next to you.
“(Y/n)… What happened?”
His phone began ringing and he quickly answered it, telling Jimin he found you.
Soon all three boys sat with you on the rooftop, looking up at the sky. They had listened to your story intently and now thought of what to say.
“I should leave.”
“And go where? Home? I’ll take you home” Taehyung said, dusting off his hands.
“No. (H/c).”
They all looked at you bewildered.
“(Y/n), don’t let that stupid ass-” Jimin started.
“You can’t!” Jungkook yelled, standing up.
“It’s not just because of him… A lot of things just haven’t been going right for me here…”
“Please, don’t leave” Jimin breathed, placing his hand over yours and looking into your eyes worriedly.
“It was just an idea” you said, trying to lighten the situation.
Now that you thought about it there was no way you could leave Korea behind, no way you could leave your best friends behind at the drop of a hat. You stood up and patted your cheeks again
You felt a pair of arms wrap around you. Taehyung squished you in his arms and sighed in relief. Next Jungkook roughly joined the hug and breathing became more difficult. Jimin couldn’t help himself and joined too.
“I love you guys” you said, your heart swelling.
“I’ll take you home” Taehyung said, ruffling your hair and pulling away.
You stood outside the door awkwardly, the cold tile making your bare feet uncomfortable. You could hear yelling inside the dorm and opted to wait outside as Taehyung went back in to get your shoes and phone.
“I’ll text you” Jimin said, trying to pull you away from eavesdropping as he slipped in.
Finally, you walked with Taehyung to the bus stop. He even rode with you all the way to your apartment, trying to cheer you up.
“See you later” he said smiling.
“You don’t even know shit” Yoongi argued back.
“Stop yelling at each other!” Jimin interrupted.
“Did you find her?” Jin asked.
“Yeah, Tae is taking her home” Jungkook said.
“You know, she talked about moving back to (H/c)-” Jimin started, stepping closer to Yoongi.
“(H/C)?!” Namjoon cried.
“Wait, why?” Hoseok asked, eyes wide.
“She has a lot of shit to deal with, and you’re not helping” Jimin said, giving Yoongi a pointed glare.
Yoongi shoved past Jimin and ran out the apartment. He ran down the stairwell, no time to take the elevator. He ran and ran, until he found his surroundings began to become more familiar. He slowly approached your apartment and asked the old man working at the front desk which apartment number was yours. He took his time going up the stairs. He thought about all the things he could say, what he should say. When he reached your floor he made his way to your door. He knocked loudly and waited, but didn’t hear any movement inside. He then rang the doorbell, praying you would open the door. He called your name out, but still no response.
He slid down to the floor and leaned against your door, mentally bashing himself.
You stood outside your apartment, but couldn’t bring yourself to go in. Instead you walked to the park nearby and sat, alone, watching the people pass by. Hours passed and they sky darkened. Jimin had texted you like he promised, but asked you if you had seen Yoongi. Where was he? You went shopping at the market by your apartment then finally made your way back home. You felt better, but you worried about where Yoongi could be.
You trudged up the stairs of your apartment and almost dropped your grocery bags when you saw Yoongi slumped against your door. You quietly set your bags to the side and knelt down.
You shook his shoulder and watched as his sad eyes peered into yours.
“Jimin said you ran out I-”
He silenced you with a hug, burying his face into your shoulder.
“Don’t leave- I’m sorry, I just… I like you. I’m such a douche” he mumbled.
“I’m not going to leave…” you said, awkwardly pulling your arm out from his embrace and touching his shoulder.
“I’m so sorry- You’re not a whore. I just can’t stand seeing you with the other guys, I was just mad.”
His grip loosened when he heard your small chuckle.
“You were jealous?”
He nodded solemnly and averted his eyes.
“Did you wait here all this time?” you asked, pulling away from his embrace.
He silently nodded again.
“I forgive you.”
You moved to sit next to him and pulled your grocery bags to your side.
“What are you doing?”
“Let’s celebrate” you said, pulling out a package of cookies you had just bought.
“Pfft, you don’t even have milk” he said, going back to his old self, a small grin playing on his lips.
“Yoongi,” you said, looking at him seriously, “I like you best like this.”
He ruffled your hair smiling then looked up at the ceiling.
“I’ll do better in the future and be a friend you can be proud of, someone who won’t hurt you or be an ass” he said, smiling to himself.

-Admin Dap

Up and down, up and down he went and I watched him carefully to make sure I’d catch him the next time around. He was so fast, so clever. So damn clever, I tell you what. The look on his face showed that he was in control of the ball. He claimed that ball as his pride and joy and never wanted to give it up to anybody.

“Your ball is mine,” Rin would declare. He would often cackle and continue to avoid me as much as possible. He taunted me and demonstrated that he was the top player and I was the bottom player. Then, my chance came when he grew tired and I decided that it was my turn to take over. We both grunted and moved against each other that we began to produce hella amounts of sweat. We locked eyes with each other and you know what?

I won

Damn right I became top player

Your ball is my life

Rin, you really do love going up and down the field, huh?