did any of you suckers think i cared about what hot trending pairings were the new happening thing in the homestuck fandom??? no i am still erikar trash.

pictured above: karkat takes up residence inside a cape, eridan wonders frantically how people USUALLY console others, and I completely ignore the 180 degrees rule.

  • Any other show:Fourth wall breaks are non-existent and characters are oblivious to the real world.
  • Supernatural:Has a musical written about them in an episode, kills Misha Collins, ships characters with themselves, abuses their own scripts, acting and episodes, stabs their own creator.
  • Forget the fourth wall, all the walls are broken.

Headcanon: Swearing Like a Sailor

Bucky is actually a natural polyglot. Languages come easily to him. Of course, there was Romanian, Russian, Italian… basically, Bucky probably has a good conversational grasp of languages spoken by the various immigrant communities in Brooklyn. That includes the swearing.

But nobody in the army is surprised at the salty language. Bucky is a sergeant to boot, with a knack for getting the guys in line. And of course, the minute he starts talking, it’s pure Brooklyn coming out of his mouth. He can get in very fine form once provoked.

Now, nobody expects the same thing out of Steve Rogers. Super serum or no, he’s still got that sweet, innocent look to him. The phrase “butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth” was used, sending Bucky into fits of laughter. He knew his best friend, for all his natural good nature, had that Irish temper and no, it was never a good idea to rouse that side of Steve Rogers.

The first time Steve completely lost his patience and started swearing was due to a fellow captain who was known around the entire regiment for what everyone called chickenshit stunts. Everyone was stunned. After a moment, Dum Dum was heard to remark that “Cap somehow managed to turn swearing into a whole new language. Beautiful. Thought only Barnes could do it.”

Bucky wasn’t the only one with the knack for language after all.


I like John full of whimpers and pleas,

I like Sherlock being forced to his knees.

I like either of them flat on their back,

I like them flinching as the riding crop cracks.

I like hoarse whispers and begging for ‘more!’

I like both aftercare and arses left sore.

I like them submissive and I like them on top,

I like them in heat and unable to stop.

What I DON’T like is when people always say.

That one MUST be the bottom and no other way.