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Museum scientists working to create a cast of layer with dinosaur footprints


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Cinder Ghoul

The image above is by Forrestlmel on DeviantArt.

Cinder ghouls bear a little resemblance to the burning ghat (which has taken off like a wildfire thanks to a reblog by @tabletopresources​, thanks!) – they’re undead created when someone burns alive from magical fire.  Their thoughts – such as they have, anyway – are consumed by the memory of burning alive as their flesh roasted off their bones.  Surrounded by a haze of ash and char, cinder ghouls rage against anyone who controls flame, trying to tear them down over all other foes.  They have a limited gaseous form, swirling through the air to assault their victims before being inhaled, burning the victim’s lungs from the inside out.

When raiders descended on the holy city of Vagarnsal from beyond the sky, they were armed with plasmathrowers “acquired” from a cache left behind by Royal Marines before the Empire fell into squabbling successor states.  The weapons’ tongues of flame seared the misfortunate trox, the consecrated berserkers unable to reach their foes to drive them away.  Long after the statuary was looted, the ash-cloaked shells of the trox still stalk the grounds of Vagarnsal’s chapels, bound there by the dying curse of a trox elder.

Seeking to create a lesser graveknight as a lieutenant, the magus Nizaar’s burning blades have failed twice.  Known for the brilliant emerald flames that leave behind shimmering, glittering ash, the graveknight’s two cinder ghouls are kept bound in a dark part of the forbidding Obsidian Garde before being drawn out by skeletal, torch-bearing figures.  The cinder ghouls are used as weapons of terror, their simmering viridian embers swirling past the enemy’s mages like a sinister kiss before choking away their life.

Put down by the flaming blade of an exsincder for his numerous blasphemies, the scrivener Kafele’s legacy lies in more than those dread hieroglyphics that speak of the glories of dark, forgotten gods.  To this day, the flaming shadow of the slain scribe roams the caverns beneath the sands of the Ilyri Wastes, where the Forgotten River once flowed.  Though much of the cinder ghoul’s former knowledge has been lost, a few antiquarians and cultists still seek the flame-shade to pry lost secrets from the ghoul in exchange for mage-priests of the ruling Cult of the Silver Flame to slay over the course of two excruciating nights.

- Tome of Horrors Complete 313

Stats for the plasmathrower appear on page 26 of the Pathfinder Tech Guide and the exscinder archons are from Bestiary 5 34.  That first seed was inspired by the series @dailycharacteroption was doing on tech at the time this article was originally written.