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Nearby Weekend Getaways

Looking for a fun weekend getaway? No matter where you live in, regional getaway destinations are often a lot closer than you might realize. For example, Tybee Island is just 18 miles outside of Savannah and offers a quaint town of only about 3,000 full-time residents. For Northerners, Bar Harbor, Maine, is only a few miles outside of Acadia National Park, but far less crowded. Cache River State Natural Area in Illinois is only about 30 miles from the Kentucky border, making it a dual-state destination. If you’re in need of a western getaway, Jackson Lake, Wyoming, is less than a three-hour drive from Idaho Falls and adjacent to Yellowstone National Park.


Fly through the Rocky Mountain foothills and over the Cache La Poudre River, Colorado

A Year in Review: October // the month of October brings a new type of crispness to the air out Rockies. The temperature drops more and more each day and the snow line on the peaks gets lower and lower. I had the chance to see many new areas in October from Marroon Bells, the Great Sand Dunes, and this place, my favorite fly fishing spot on the Cache La Poudre River. I’d say October is one of my favorite months.

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Thomas Worthington Whittredge - On the Cache La Poudre River, Colorado, 1876,

Oil on canvas, Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas

Whittredge journeyed across the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains in 1865 with Sanford Gifford and John Frederick Kensett. The trip resulted in some of Whittredge’s most important works—unusually oblong, spare landscapes that captured the stark beauty and linear horizon of the Plains. Whittredge later wrote in his autobiography, “I had never seen the plains or anything like them. They impressed me deeply. I cared more for them than for the mountains… Whoever crossed the plains at that period, notwithstanding its herds of buffalo and flocks of antelope, its wild horses, deer and fleet rabbits, could hardly fail to be impressed with its vastness and silence and the appearance everywhere of an innocent, primitive existence.“ His 1876 painting On the Cache La Poudre River, Colorado depicts the river and plains in the foreground, with the Rockies in the background of the painting.