Warren and I drove up to SF with Caitlin and Mor for the first leg of their GREAT CROSS COUNTRY ADVENTURE.

They’re trying to raise some funds for their trip! Throw them some nickels and they’ll gain LIFE EXP on the road! Heck, I’m doing drawings/comics for people that help them out tooooo.


I finally uploaded my second year film from CalArts! Here it is!
Thanks to everyone who helped out on it, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Music and Sound Design by Taylor Page!

Here’s another assignment from my color and design class. The goal was to design a rich old lady with lots of textures, with a pet that contrasted her. It was a lot of fun!

I used ink on illustration board + green gouache, black glitter, and green ribbon

Learning yay :)

Here’s a digital card reward I made for my classmate’s gofundme campaign! You could get a card too if you donate here! —–> DONATE
It’s for a fantastic cause!

Anyway, this is basically a pretty lady drinking her morning coffee. I hope it teases your happy sensors. 

a quick painting i made a while back for the Calarts character animation gallery show. i thought it was fitting for valentine’s day, because no matter your relationship status, anyone can enjoy a romantic, well-made drink this evening… right?

have a lovely day wherever your are and whoever you’re with, drinks or not!


a couple of shape-based families, done for color and design class. i learn so much from this class every week! i think i may go back and do this exercise again for practice (if i have the time!)

films films films films! It’s film time, so I don’t have much time to make personal art and post it - in the meantime, here’s a design for a caravan (or vardo, more specifically) that I’ll be modeling in Maya for my CG class!

More updates when I’ve resurfaced from film purgatory, hopefully with a finished film in hand!