Hillary Clinton will be good for women. Ask Berta Cáceres. But you can’t. She’s dead. Gunned down yesterday, March 2, at midnight, in her hometown of La Esperanza, Intibuca, in Honduras. Cáceres was a vocal and brave indigenous leader, an opponent of the 2009 Honduran coup that Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, made possible. In The Nation, Dana Frank and I covered that coup as it unfolded. Later, as Clinton’s emails were released, others, such as Robert Naiman, Mark Weisbrot, and Alex Main, revealed the central role she played in undercutting Manuel Zelaya, the deposed president, and undercutting the opposition movement demanding his restoration. In so doing, Clinton allied with the worst sectors of Honduran society.
The signs at a party

Aries - In an argument

Taurus - Eating all the snacks

Gemini - Talking with everyone

Cancer - Crying in the corner

Leo - Singing at the top of their lungs

Virgo - complaining about the music

Libra - Flirting

Scorpio - Observing everyone

Sagittarius - Dancing the whole time

Capricorn - Is trying to have fun, but can’t

Aquarius - Playing Truth or dare

Pisces - Isn’t

Berta Cáceres, Honduran environment and human rights activist, murdered

Barely a week after Berta Cáceres was threatened for opposing a hydroelectric project, the Honduran indigenous and environmental rights campaigner has been founded murdered inside her home.

The award-winning founder of the Council of Indigenous Peoples of Honduras (COPINH) was shot dead by two gunmen who entered her home in La Esperanza at around 1am Thursday. The killers, who escaped without being identified, also wounded her brother.

Police told local media the killings occurred during an attempted robbery, but the family said they had no doubt it was an assassination prompted by Cáceres’s high-profile campaigns against dams, illegal loggers and plantation owners.

Last year, she was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for her opposition to one of Central America’s biggest hydropower projects, the Agua Zarca cascade of four giant dams in the Gualcarque river basin.

“We must undertake the struggle in all parts of the world, wherever we may be, because we have no other spare or replacement planet. We have only this one, and we have to take action,” she said in 2015.

Read more in The Guardian.

Sin título por natalia
Por Flickr:
¿se pueden inventar verbos? quiero decirte uno: yo te cielo, así mis alas se extienden enormes para amarte sin medida. Siento que desde nuestro lugar de origen hemos estado juntos, que somos de las misma materia, de las mismas ondas, que llevamos dentro el mismo sentido. Tu ser entero, tu genio y tu humildad prodigiosas son incomparables y enriqueces la vida; dentro de tu mundo extraordinario, lo que yo te ofrezco es solamente una verdad más que tú recibes y que acariciará siempre lo más hondo de ti mismo. Gracias por recibirlo, gracias por que vives, porque ayer me dejaste tocar tu luz más íntima y porque dijiste con tu voz y tus ojos lo que yo esperaba toda mi vida.” Fragmento de una carta escrita por Frida Kahlo en noviembre de 1947. 108 años de su natalicio.