Oh hai. It’s finally time. Time to unveil the proprietary K&C Superfood Guide explained in Beyoncé gifs, that is. There are many more superfoods out there (hundreds! millions! who even gets to decide what makes a superfood?! are vegan doughnuts a superfood? ASK BEYONCÉ!)—these are just the ones that I have in my fridge most often.

Each superfood above is paired with its musical Beyoncé spirit animal. You can play them while you eat said superfood, you can learn the dance moves and boogie with said superfood, or you can straight up summon the spirit of Beyoncé whilst invoking the powers of said superfood.

Like any good adaptogenic superfood, Beyoncé is there to cure whatever ails you. So without further ado, get your Superfood Guide right here!

Matcha & Jasmine Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches + A Giveaway!

If I had to boil everything in life down to just three things, I might settle on love, and flowers, and ice cream sandwiches. Matcha macaron and jasmine green tea ice cream sandwiches, to be exact. With cacao nibs. And a whole lotta love, courtesy yours truly and the baking genius of Alana Kysar from Fix Feast Flair.

Lucky for us, and EVEN LUCKIER FOR YOU, Smith Teamaker gave us a Green Tea Gift Pack of Jasmine Silver Tip and Matcha Powder teas to give away to you! ‘Cause you’re gonna get hooked. 'Cause these ice cream sandwiches kinda taste like waking up on a bed of blooming jasmine with a green tea latte in one hand and a bar of your favorite dark chocolate in the other. 

I know. It’s ridic. Get a full tutorial plus the recipes and A GIVEAWAY here!

anonymous asked:

Hi Tess, I saw your "what is in my pantry" and I have two questions. You showed cacaonibs and cacao powder, I remember a while ago you only used carob, because it seems to be safer, what did change your opinion? Second question is, you showed white and black rice, are they less arsenic than brown rice? Do you still eat brown rice?

1. Before when I used only carob powder, it was because cacao was giving me headaches but after awhile I was fine with it, yes carob is a healthier option due to being free from caffeine and theobromine and I use it more than cacao. I use both depending on the flavour I want.

2. I eat brown, white, black rice..whatever rice depending on the meal I am eating. The bulk food store didn’t have any brown rice so I couldn’t buy any. I don’t personally care about the arsenic is rice because the amount of rice you would need to eat for it to be concerning is A LOT of rice. I don’t just eat rice though, I have heaps of quinoa too :)

The Superfood Porn Smoothie.

Years ago, a friend of mine had a summer fling with a visiting raw-foodie-cum-yoga-teacher-cum-tantric-sex-god. When he left town, he bequeathed unto pounds of raw cacao, freshly hulled cashews, and glistening black vanilla bean pods.

So here, my friends, is the quintessential Superfood Porn Smoothie: creamy, chocolatey, vanilla-y, nutty, dark green, and entirely raw. Almost as good as a non-tantric orgasm.

Recipe and more right here.

The One Minute Power Breakfast: Maple Cinnamon Yogurt with Crushed Walnuts & Cacao.

Though I am blessed to work from home, that one hundred thousand trillion percent does NOT mean that I enjoy making elaborate meals every moment of every day. Sure, I love whipping up a good five-courser if friends are coming over, but when it’s just me, I often resort to what my friend Janson and I jokingly call “Food for Single People”.

One Minute Power Breakfast Bonuses: Protein, hella healthy fats, heart strengthening amino acids, brain boosting powers, mad antioxidants, a hit of dopamine, the zing of chocolatey caffeine, plus just YUM. 

Recipe and more here!