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Can I have a comfort Sunday with kirishima bc I had a shitty day turn shittier real fast

I just saw this and it seems urgent, so here you go love ❤️ I hope it’s nothing too serious? 💕 Lots of love and cuddles for you! ✨ Hang in there!

Kirishima Eijirou

• whatever happened, Kiribaby got you! He’s super emphatic and the moment you enter your shared apartment his senses tell him something is wrong - he’s on his feet and greeting you in no time
• the moment he sees your face, he immediately pulls you into a hug - “Oi babe, it’s okay, ya home now. I’m here” he doesn’t need any explanation if you don’t want to tell him immediately
• without a warning he lifts you up and carries you to the sofa, planting you into a fort of pillows and blankets
• before he joins you, he’ll get every comfort food you like and that’s in the house and some tea/hot cacao/ coffee (your favorite drink)
• thereupon it’s all about cuddling, he pulls you into a tight hug, planting a kiss at the crown of your head “don’t let this shitty day get ya babe”. He’s running his hands down your back, rubbing small circles; his fingers are brushing through your hair, gently massaging your scalp; if he feels like you need to laugh, he will pepper your face with tiny little kisses
• you can ramble on about your day and he will almost cry some manly tears, telling you that you were so strong pulling through the day
• he’ll try to lift your mood up a little “want me to tell ya the story about that one time I caught Bakugou singing an opera in the dorm bathroom?” - it’s supposed to be a secret, but he’ll take any risk to curve your beautiful lips into a smile

Autumn vocab in Italian

Inspired by this list by @talen-en-regendagen

I’m not a native speaker, so if you see any mistakes (or have any suggestions), let me know!

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L’autunno – the autumn
Autunnale – autumnal

Settembre – September
Ottobre – October
Novembre – November
Dicembre – December

L’equinozio (autunnale) – the (autumn) equinox
La festa del raccolto – the harvest festival
Halloween – Halloween
Ognissanti – All Hallows
Il giorno dei morti – All Souls

L’albero – the tree
La foglia – the leaf
La foglia autunnale – the autumn leaf
Il raccolto – the harvest
La zucca – the pumpkin
La mela – the apple
Il fungo – the mushroom

Il fuoco – the fire
La candela – the candle
Il focolare – the fireplace
Il carbone – the coal
Il stopaccio – the tinder
La fiamma – the flame
Il fumo – the smoke

La bibita calda – the hot drink
Il cacao – the cocoa
La cioccolata calda – the hot chocolate
Il tè – the tea
Il cedro – the cider
La nocciola – the hazelnut

L’impermeabile – the raincoat
L’ombrello – the umbrella
La maglia – the sweater
La lana – the wool
Lo stivale – the boot
La sciarpa – the scarf
Il guanto – the glove

Il vento – the wind
La pioggia – the rain
La nebbia – the fog; the mist
La tempesta – the storm
Piovoso – rainy
Tempestoso – stormy
Ventoso – windy
Nuvoloso – cloudy

Freddo -cold
Caldo – warm
Accogliente – cosy

Rosso – red
Arancione – orange
Giallo – yellow
Dorato – golden
Ramato – coppery
Variopinto – colorful
Grigio – grey
Marrone - brown

Mexican Chocolate Brownies with Cointreau Whipped Cream.

There’s something sacred about spice mixing, an alchemical process that allows flavors to become something other than themselves—and transform your experience of eating them at the same time. Here, cinnamon coaxes chocolate out of its shell, nutmeg elicits sweetness, and cayenne subtly steals the show.

When topped with whipped cream laced with Cointreau, the alchemy reaches an entirely new level of yesness. And I finished these off with some pomegranate seeds and cacao nibs, because fall and because beauty and because it was just the right thing to do.

Read more and get the recipe here.