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Banana and oat shake with cacao and maca
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My baby turned one month today. I still can’t believe that I’m her mom. She’s a perfect piece of a miracle. There’s so many feelings in me that I would like to express, but I’ll keep it to myself because I love this feelings and I want to overthink them over and over again.

What I want to share are all the changes. Ladies - mothers respect! I am on the beginning of my way and I am a bit shocked. I saw myself having heaps of time when Mia is sleeping - wrong! I was supposed to sleep when she’s sleeping - wrong! She was supposed to sleep between meals - wrong! Breastfeeding was supposed to be fun - wrong! (at least on the beginning). I thought that after reading a smart book I’ll be able to read my kid - wrong! But there are also other things that are more fun - shooting poo, your child tricking you just when you’ve changed a diaper, newborn smiling, strange sound she makes and you convinced that your child said “hi”, playing with outfits when she totally doesn’t care, stealing kisses what actually puts her to sleep and many more.

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